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Discover how your site is meeting the needs of your audience, business and search engines

To get the best returns on your content marketing activity, you need to know how your site is performing right now.

No matter how well qualified visitors arriving at your site are, if the onsite experience is wrong, then your efforts won't get the returns this work deserves. That's why we audit your site across a wide range of criteria to give you the broadest possible picture of your site right now.

What is a content audit?

A content audit is an analysis of a website’s content with the purpose of informing future content strategy. An audit finds what is, and isn’t, working for your audience. It identifies areas for improvement and highlights gaps in the types of content being published and the information conveyed to ensure the best results for your content marketing.

Our content audits assess the following for the relevant audience groups:

  • Content and search behaviour
  • Content and the buying cycle
  • How well written the content is
  • If relevant content types are being used
  • Content and the needs of search engines
  • Content and the user journey
  • Content and devices
  • Best and worst performing content
  • How your content compares to competitors

Why is content auditing important for your business?

A content audit is the best foundation for building a fully rounded content strategy. It tells you how your site’s content is:

  • Performing right now
  • Meeting the needs of your audience
  • Meeting the needs of search engines
  • Meeting the needs of your business

This then enables you to:

  • Plan future content with more certainty
  • Optimise existing and new content for users and search engines
  • Create content that meets strategic objectives
  • Ultimately, generate more leads and sales

Why Fresh Egg?

Our approach to content marketing, and the audits we recommend, will tell you what you need to fix on your site to give your audience a seamless journey to conversion.

Our audits are powerful because they are:


Content has to engage, inform and inspire real people, with real lives and real problems to solve. At Fresh Egg, we analyse how content currently meets the needs of the audience groups these people belong to, and identify the gaps that need to be filled and opportunities that can be exploited.


Finding out if content is search engine friendly, particularly with respect to the Google Panda updates, is essential for acquiring and maintaining visibility. Fresh Egg audits your site with respect to content-related SEO best practice, identifying problems with how your content is being rated by search engines.


Content must help your audience groups through their natural path to conversion and address all stages of their decision cycle with the right messages, psychographic framing and tone of voice. Our content audits give you insight into how your content can be improved to help customers through their journey.


Our audits look at how well, or otherwise, your content meets the needs of your audience via social sharing, link-attraction and engagement data . Ideally, Fresh Egg will have already carried out one of our data health checks, to ensure the integrity of your reporting data.

Hugely experienced

Fresh Egg has audited content across many business sectors, including insurance, recruitment, automotive, legal services, FMCG, fashion, commodity information providers, telecoms, health and fitness, electronic goods, transport, and more.

This experience means we start off with a high level of knowledge about your sector, the needs of your customers, and the competitive landscape you operate in, ensuring our content audits give you the insight you need to improve your content marketing.

Our audits pave the way for content marketing success. Contact us now to find out how we can help your business.


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