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Our team of seasoned journalists, designers, digital marketers and developers create best-in-class content across a huge range of sectors

Great content is at the heart of all digital experiences, whether it be the written word, graphics, photos or video.

What is content creation?

Content creation is the art of turning ideas and strategies into inspiring, engaging and informative experiences for real people with real lives.

Once we’ve worked with you to create a robust content strategy for your business, our team will create best-in class content of all varieties to implement said strategy.

Got an existing content strategy that needs implementing? Looking for content to be created for a one-off campaign? We can become your trusted content creation partner.

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Fresh Egg created a content hub for leading vehicle leasing company which, in the six months since its launch in late 2014, has generated:

Average conversion performance
Average conversion performance


Great content will:

  • Engage your audience and meet their needs – with our discovery process driving audience understanding, our content will drive higher engagement rates
  • Improve visibility in search engines – we understand how to optimise content to gain visibility in Google and other search engines
  • Build great onsite experiences – our content always aims to solve a problem, inform or entertain
  • Build a great platform for campaigns – if you are engaging in biddable or paid campaigns, great onsite content will increase the returns on these campaigns by driving a great user experience, making your audience more likely to convert
  • Generate more inbound traffic to your website – great content drives engagement, is liked by search engines and attracts citations and links, building both organic and referral traffic
  • Build brand authority – when your audience is having their needs met by your site and its content, your brand builds trust and credibility
  • Create ambassadors – in the virtuous circle centred on brilliant content, prospects and customers will be motivated to keep returning and to recommend your brand


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Why Fresh Egg?

Partner with Fresh Egg for your content creation needs because our approach is:


When creating content, we like to ensure it uses the correct tone of voice, key messaging, content structure, psychographic framing, and more. This ensures the content we create works as hard as it can to meet the needs of your business.


Our extensive discovery and research ensures that every decision our content team makes about the content they are creating is driven by an informed hypothesis or data, pushing the return on investment you make from your site’s content to new heights.


Our content is created in the crucible of cross-agency co-operation. Our content team works tirelessly with all our departments to ensure our work conforms to cross-discipline best practice, and is at the cutting edge of digital marketing knowledge and execution.

Built on our expertise and experience

Our team of highly experienced journalists and digital experts provide best-in-class content across a huge range of verticals. This experience means we start off with a deep understanding about your sector and the needs of your audience, as well as the competitive landscape you operate in. This head start drives efficiency in content production, and excellence in content execution.

Informed by The Content Cycle

All of our content is fit for The Content Cycle. It is informed by discovery, scoped out in the planning and setup phase, executed brilliantly, and its success is able to be measured and quantified, making refinement a natural next step.

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