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We use content marketing to convert prospects into loyal customers.

We place the audience at the core of our content marketing – in every audit we carry out, every strategy we produce, and every piece of content we create.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and promotion of quality content for clearly defined audience groups with the aim of converting prospects into customers.

The benefits of content marketing

Effective content marketing will:

  • Generate quality inbound traffic to your website – targeted and optimised content attracts well qualified organic and referral traffic
  • Increase engagement – valuable content that meets the needs of consumers drives engagement and trust
    Generate more leads – content that helps solve a problem, informs or entertains, will encourage people to enquire about products or services
  • Increase sales – good content attracts people, and encourages conversion. Presenting the right content, at the right stage of the buying cycle, will encourage them along the journey to purchase or enquiry
  • Build brand authority – consistent, high quality, relevant content that benefits, educates or entertains the target audience will build trust in your brand, and its credibility – attracting and retaining customers

Our approach to content marketing


Our content auditing assesses how your site is meeting the needs of its audience, search engines, and your business. Typically following our audience intent investigation, it drills deeper into relevant audience groups, trigger events, trends and competitor insights. Through analysis of search intent, the buying cycle, content types and editorial standards, content gaps are identified and topline recommendations for improvement made.

Planning and setup

Our content strategy methodology takes insights and gap analysis from our audience intent analysis and content audit to create a fully-rounded content marketing strategy to improve your on and offsite web presence. We create lightweight audience personas to inform messaging and tone of voice, and provide a content calendar to plan content creation, promotion and measurement.


Our team of writers, designers and developers create superbly optimised content. And our approach ensures that every decision made about content being created and how it is promoted can be traced back to data collected, in-depth research or an informed hypothesis.

Reporting, analysis and insight

Using a range of measurement tools to measure success against agreed KPIs, we report on the engagement, organic visibility, social and commercial performance of content. Once our insights team has validated the accuracy of data gathering tools, we analyse data to prioritise activities that drive growth and revenue. In this way every aspect of our content marketing activity is in a constant state of review.


All content marketing should be subject to an ongoing process of testing, learning and refinement. Taking in the performance of content, search algorithm updates and industry trends, our strategy outlines a process of continual strategic review, which we call The Content Cycle.

Why Fresh Egg?


Our approach ensures that every audit, strategy, promotional campaign and piece of content created is targeted at the relevant audience group our research, or your existing marketing plan, has identified. This way your content marketing has the best chance of meeting the needs of your audience, engaging with them and so turning them into customers.


Our philosophy ensures that every strategy and the subsequent content produced is informed by data wherever possible. This way, our clients can be assured that content produced will likely perform to its utmost.

Agency-wide integration

The content team is fully integrated within our agency. This approach ensures that all content marketing activity is alligned with any other ongoing campaigns and works in conjunction with multiple digital disciplines, including social media, technical SEO (search engine optimisation) and CRO (conversion rate optimisation).


Our content team combines expertise from journalists and digital experts, creating a comprehensive and balanced skillset that provides a deep understanding of user engagement across multiple industries and content types.

Enabling our clients

Through a combination of content training and consultancy, including giving clear actions and best practice advice, Fresh Egg is able to support clients in the planning and executing of content marketing activity that maintains the standards set by the agency. Our clients are thus able to work towards producing best possible content, in the most efficient manner. 


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