Content Marketing and Social Planner

Content Marketing and Social Planner

Download this template to create your own content marketing and social planner – an essential tool to plan and track the progress of your next content marketing campaign.

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet offers you a simple yet comprehensive framework to outline each and every element of content creation. This helps to ensure your content is always geared towards answering your audience’s questions, and achieving your website’s and business’ objectives.

Content marketing and social planners are essential to help you plan out the successful research, creation, publication, promotion and refinement of effective content.

Whether you are creating a series of new onsite guides or are looking to better plan your blog content, this template is designed to assist you with a publishing strategy and keep track of key elements within each piece of content.

Use this template to ensure core thought processes are considered at every stage: know who you are attempting to engage with; set your objectives; write, format and include relevant rich media in your content to make it engaging; promote and repurpose your content so it gets as much reach as it deserves.

To get started, simply download the document and follow its instructions.

If you’d like more information about setting up your content marketing planner, please read our blog post: How to Create a Content Marketing Planner and Why You Really Need One. 

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