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The plan you need to execute your content marketing effectively

Your content audit has identified gaps and exciting opportunities. Now you need a content marketing strategy which clearly maps out the road to achieving your business goals.


What is a content strategy?

A content strategy is a roadmap for your content marketing. It shapes the content you need to create, how to create it and in what format. It indicates the audience groups to target, the relevant metrics to measure and the social and marketing plan for promotion.

Benefits of a content strategy for your business

A Fresh Egg content strategy will give you:

  • Audience personas – your audience groups translated into practical personas which will give your business practical writing aids to target your audiences with key messaging and tone of voice, and inform content creation and brainstorming
  • Content channel plan – a best practice framework for the model user journey around your site, and how to measure its effectiveness, which will enable you to plan and measure content quickly and effectively
  • Efficiencies – we outline effective methods for the most efficient use of your content production resources saving you time and money, and so increasing your return on investment for content creation
  • Content planner and calendar – the detailed plan for content production, publishing and promotion. Having a fully detailed content plan in place is essential for co-ordinating all aspects of content production, promotion and measurement, and so getting the maximum possible return on your investment in content
  • Integration – the perfect platform for integrating all of your marketing activity with content, saving time and money across all digital channels

Content strategy funnel

Why Fresh Egg?

Your business will benefit from a Fresh Egg content strategy because it is:

Audience focused

Our strategy is focused on understanding your audience and how your content marketing can meet their needs. This approach creates the perfect platform to build trust and authority in the eyes of your audience, leading to more conversions.

Data driven

Fresh Egg’s content strategies are founded on our suite of discovery products, including content auditing , and insight from your business. This line of reasoning, from discovery to strategy, provides a clear rationale for ongoing content creation, maximising the effectiveness of publishing.

Focused on delivering clear actions and best practice

Our strategy work enables you to plan and execute actual activity, based on the industry leading discovery and auditing work we carry out, enabling you to wring every last drop of value out of your content marketing efforts.

Fully integrated

Our strategies benefit from sector-leading insight from all the digital disciplines across our business.

Informed by our skills mix

Our content team combines expertise from journalists and digital experts, creating a comprehensive and balanced skillset that ensures our strategies are fully focused on audience needs.

Enabling for in-house teams

Fresh Egg is very happy to produce work throughout the whole content cycle, but can also can help in-house teams become self-sufficient. “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day – teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.” Our content services provide all the information necessary for in-house teams to make the most of our expertise

Google and search engine friendly

All of our audits, strategies and content are search engine friendly by default

Backed by industry experience

Fresh Egg has created strategies across many business sectors: insurance, recruitment, automotive, legal services, FMCG, fashion, commodity information providers, telecoms, health and fitness, electronic goods, transport, and more.

This experience means we start off with a high level of knowledge about your sector and the needs of your audience, as well as the competitive landscape you operate in, ensuring our strategy will give your business the tools it needs to improve its content marketing.

Our strategies will drive your content marketing success, delighting and engaging your customers. Contact us now.

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