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We analyse and report on how users interact with your website to identify where your website - and ultimately your business - can be optimised.

For us, effective data analysis and reporting relies on three main elements:

  • Digital insights and user journey analysis – understand how users interact with your website
  • Ongoing maintenance and support – ensure the data you are using to draw insight from remains accurate and reliable month after month
  • Data analysis and performance reporting – gain insight into the drivers behind the data and take clear actions from those insights

Digital insights and user journey analysis

As part of our discovery process, digital insights are gleaned from deep-diving into your data to learn about how users interact with your website. The purpose of the process is to extract the nuggets of information that will help us to identify where your website – and ultimately your business – can be optimised.

We typically investigate the following:

  • Who are the people coming to your website?
  • How do they find your website and how frequently do they visit?
  • What do your visitors and customers read, look at or interact with most – and least?
  • How do different channels and traffic sources combine to deliver engagement and conversions?
  • What devices are people using to access your site?
  • Where are users dropping out of the conversion journey?

By analysing the above data and identifying strengths and weaknesses, and spotting pinch points in the user journey, clear and actionable optimisation opportunities are identified.

What is user journey analysis?

A user journey is the path a visitor takes through your website to achieve a specific goal. That goal could be anything from purchasing a product to making an enquiry.

Being able to understand the user journey end-to-end, across multiple visits and devices, and to fully understand the impact of each of those experiences, is often seen as the Holy Grail in web analytics.

In order to understand the user’s intent at every touch point, we need to understand their entire journey. The two key elements required for this are an analytics configuration capable of tracking users effectively, and the analytical skill to translate the resulting data into insight. Fresh Egg offers both.

We have successfully implemented cross-domain and cross-device tracking for a number of our clients and use the insight gained from the resulting data to shape strategic decisions and direction.

Google Analytics maintenance and support

Like any investment, a custom tracking implementation requires ongoing oversight to ensure it continues to produce accurate data month after month.

Websites rarely remain static. They change, optimise, and grow on an ongoing basis, and these changes impact the site’s tracking requirements. Monitoring, refining and constantly improving a site’s tracking implementation is therefore crucial.

By monitoring and maintaining your implementation, we will ensure data has continued integrity. We will make changes, as required, to ensure your campaign activity is reported accurately.

We will also upskill your team in the process by improving their understanding of Google Analytics and their confidence in extracting insights from their data. We strongly advocate empowering internal teams to take ownership of their data analysis as we believe this is the only way to extract the full value hidden within.

Data analysis and performance reporting

At Fresh Egg, performance reporting is more than just supplying you with a set of numbers every month. Our performance reporting process is designed to answer three key questions:


Dashboards, custom reports and your analytics platform of choice provide us with numerical data that tells us what happened.


By drilling deeper into the data, we look to understand the drivers behind these numbers. This deeper analysis allows us to provide you with insight – a deeper understanding of your users, your website and your business environment.

So what?

Most importantly, we will give you clear guidance on what to do with that insight. This provides direction and validity to the work of all departments and marketing channels.

Reporting dashboard set up

Reporting requirements vary from business to business. We create customised and bespoke cross-channel dashboards to report on what matters to you and your business. Assessing performance across all of your digital channels using one consistently attributed source of data ensures accuracy.

Choosing our cross-channel performance reporting gives you:

  • The ability to compare equivalent performance across all digital channels
  • An understanding of what you are spending channel by channel and what ROI is being delivered across each of these channels
  • An understanding of the effect of individual channels, both on each other and on overall performance
  • The ability to improve future decision making in allocating spend into different channels

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