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Fresh Egg provides bespoke e-Commerce website development with over 14 years’ experience building numerous e-commerce solutions and platforms.

A bespoke e-Commerce website will deliver you a system that meets your requirements precisely and without compromise. No two businesses operate in exactly the same way so why should their websites? We listen to the requirements you present us and tailor the final productwe deliver to meet your specifications. And when the build of your new site is finished and delivered you own the code - no strings, no tie in.

The sites we build are highly optimised to ensure a fast, responsive performance, without sacrificing the versatility needed to adapt to a changing digital landscape. We include only features that you require for your business needs to keep the performance of the site optimal.

Our solutions are built using Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, and MVC, and run from a Microsoft SQL database to ensure high performance delivery.

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All our websites benefit from the combined knowledge and experience of our digital teams and we’ve built as much of that knowledge as possible straight into our core offering. As such we can offer far more control and power over the SEO setup of the site than simple title and Meta tag configuration.

We can also integrate your e-Commerce solution with any back office system you desire, be that an accounting package, an Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP), or stock control system. Data synchronisation all happens behind the scenes reducing the admin overhead of site management.

We know that the right e-Commerce platform is the heart and soul of any online business, and we’re confident that we can provide the ultimate website for your needs.

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