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For companies and brands looking to extend or manage their presence globally, handling the search visibility of multi-regional content or separate regional domains can cause major issues.

Fresh Egg is an International SEO specialist. We have worked with a large number of multi-national brands on their worldwide organic visibility, in addition to managing an international search presence of our own.

We offer consultancy and best practice advice on:

  • Selecting the best domain and site architecture format to target required audiences

  • Maximising page content signals for correct regional targeting

  • Implementing and correcting ‘hreflang’ tagging for regional pages

  • Avoiding content duplication between regional sites and pages

  • Identifying regional audiences and their search requirements

Considerations for international SEO

Expanding into the global online market, or maintaining search share across a portfolio of existing global websites can be a complicated business. What’s the best way to structure a network of international websites or hub of regional content to efficiently target an audience? What’s the best search engine to use to reach this audience, and what exactly are they looking for? What coding requirements are needed to convey the correct regional signals, and what can be done if this gets confused in search results?

At Fresh Egg, we have a wealth of experience in dealing with both established multinational clients, and brands looking to take their first steps toward marketing to an international audience. 

 Consultancy services for global search optimisation

Our digital insight discovery process identifies the countries that drive the most value to your business. Using our audience-led customer analysis, we then determine what potential opportunity lies with these groups, what their device and search preferences are, and how best to reach them with content.

Our technical SEO experts will review the strengths and weaknesses of the current or proposed site set-up, offering best practice advice and conducting a migration plan for existing content if that is required. Additionally, we can provide ongoing search visibility monitoring to ensure that traffic and engagement with regional content is growing, and engage in project-based work around existing international sites to troubleshoot issues.

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