Fresh Egg and Optimizely

Fresh Egg and Optimizely

 Optimizely Platform Certification
Optimizely Strategy Certified


Fresh Egg is a Developer Certified 3-Star Solutions and Platform Certified Partner of Optimizely

This assures Fresh Egg clients that through the use of Optimizely, Fresh Egg will deliver the best level of website optimisation with the highest degree of expertise.

In short, clients need look no further than Fresh Egg to help them use the tool to improve their digital products and services.

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How does Fresh Egg use Optimizely?

In the competitive landscape of the internet, continual testing and learning is a key part of the ongoing development to client websites. Gone are the days of making changes based on gut feelings, as Optimizely tests provide statistically robust data to inform decisions made about site development and optimisation.

Using Optimizely, Fresh Egg can easily run a number of tests on its client’s websites, including:

  • The testing of two or more versions of the same page against one another
  • The testing of two or more versions of a component within a page against one another
  • The testing of different user journeys through the website
  • The displaying of different versions at different times to capitalise on changes in user behaviour (e.g. in the evenings or at weekends)
  • The presenting of different versions tailored to specific customer segments and their needs

These, and other Optimizely tests, enable Fresh Egg to determine the best experience for the client’s customers, and the one that will help achieve the client’s business objectives.

Short- and long-term benefits

Optimizely can help Fresh Egg achieve short term and long term gains for its clients.

The tool has helped Fresh Egg increase average revenue per visitor to ecommerce sites by 44.9% and improved conversion rates for non-ecommerce sites by 32% on average. More on Fresh Egg's conversion rate optimisation success can be read about here.

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"Fresh Egg's unique approach to optimisation and their extensive knowledge of the digital space make them a very exciting company for us to partner with. Fresh Egg are experts in the many different elements that go in to a successful marketing mix, CRO included, which makes them a great addition to our Solutions Partner programme - and an excellent resource for our customers."

Tai Rattigan

Head of Partnerships EMEA, Optimizely

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