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What's your visibility in organic search results?

Do you know what proportion of your visibility is brand-related, and which are on key terms? Which pages perform the best and what parts of your site have high visibility, but low conversion? How well do you compare against the competition?

Fresh Egg's visibility reporting tool provides marketing teams with all these answers and more.

Our unique reporting system allows our team members to view information and report back to our clients on what is happening with organic visibility. The system can be tailored for any business. We are also able to segment key areas, so you can get a granular view of your site's performance and compare results against key competitors. This allows teams to monitor and report improvements in visibility as work progresses.

Fresh Egg's clever system allows businesses to see data in many different ways including:

  • Device
  • Territory
  • Audience
  • Impressions and clicks
  • Keyword rankings
  • Click-through rates for queries and URLs
  • Keyword and URL counts
  • Historic keyword position data

Opportunity spotting

One of the most valuable features of the tool is our ability to spot opportunities. Our teams will give you valuable insights into areas of opportunity to improve organic visibility. The visibility reporting tool will give your business an edge when looking to increase organic visibility and traffic to your website.

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Some of the benefits of our Organic Reporting Tool