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Our conversion rate optimisation approach

Our agency's test & learn culture means that all insight from conversion rate optimisation work is fed back into our future tests, ensuring continual refinement and better results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Discovery

Our conversion rate optimisation service begins with a discovery process, which uncovers the most important conversion issues on the site and devises solutions to fix them. This analysis offers a solid and structured foundation to start testing.

An analytics audit ensures that the right elements of site performance and user interaction are being tracked and that this tracking is accurate.

Our quantitative analysis then takes place, where we interrogate site analytics data to extract insight regarding where site users are encountering problems. These insights allow us to focus the next stage of our process – qualitative analysis – on the most critical areas of your website.

Depth and context are added to the investigation in the qualitative analysis phase of the discovery, which uncovers what blockers site users might be encountering or where there are opportunities to improve persuasion. Our investigation methods include:

Qaulitative analysis methods

Planning and set-up

Our CRO discovery work is highly valuable in its own right, but progressing into an iterative testing campaign ensures validated and continued revenue gains. 

The creation of a test plan is an essential part of the CRO process. This contains a prioritised log of all test hypotheses generated from the discovery and provides a benchmark against which to measure performance.

In order to start testing the hypotheses in your log, we support the installation of a testing tool on your site. Typically, this involves adding a single line of JavaScript to the header of all pages.

Execution (testing)

Once we've wire-framed, mocked-up and created solutions to solve your conversion issues, we test them.

Identifying variations that conclusively and sustainably convert better requires a scientific testing methodology, where portions of website traffic are randomly assigned to two or more different variations and conversion rates and/or other metrics are measured

Once the data has passed a number of validity checks, the winning variation can usually be hard-coded within the website and will lead to an increase in value from site visitors who encounter the winning variation on their journey through the site. With personalisation or segmentation changes, these will sometimes be powered via a testing or personalisation platform on an ongoing basis.

Reporting, analysis and insight

We provide full activity reports that keep you up to speed on completed tests, tests currently being run, and the next tests in the plan. We also provide a continuously updated test plan, so that you can see how the CRO work is progressing and what tests are in the pipeline. We find this helps integration of conversion testing with existing development roadmaps as well.

Fresh Egg also provides a CRO reporting dashboard that allows you to see the impact of combined conversion improvements over time and helps you to easily calculate ROI.


Conversion rate optimisation should be an ongoing process of learning and refinement. Fresh Egg analyses all test data and carries out post-experiment segmentation to extract as much insight as possible from experiments, which adds value in a number of ways:

  • Experiment data gives great insight into site user behaviour and allows us to make future tests even more informed and targeted
  • Feedback from completed tests helps us to adjust the weighting scores of future planned tests, meaning that some may move up or down the running order based on the most up-to-date information we have
  • New experiment ideas are frequently generated from the results of those that have run. These new experiments get added to the prioritised and added to the test plan in their suitable place in the order
  • We often find that different audience groups perform differently in experiments, and this knowledge can help us identify opportunities to deliver segmented or personalised experiences to different site visitors

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Fresh Egg are certified partners of Optimizely and Google.

Fresh Egg are certified partners of Optimizely and Google.

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