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Fresh Egg’s paid search marketers are experienced, analytical, commercial and act as an extension of your own marketing team.

We are passionate about digital marketing integration and evangelical about blended CPAs, not least because an integrated approach can enable us to chase revenue out of reach to isolated channels working on their own.

Channels speak different languages and are best played to their respective strengths. For most websites, URLs and products are the common ground and the best place from which to report blended KPIs and track time, budget and cost per acquisition.

Our flexible commercial model means we can respond to performance fluctuations and seasonality, and because our financial success does not rely on increasing your media spend, we can vary our paid search strategy as required in order to best meet the needs of an integrated campaign.

We have seen poorly agreed commercials undermine even strong customer/agency relationships, so we guarantee full transparency from the outset through task-oriented charging. No two customers are the same, so we work with you to create a defined service agreement that will meet your specific campaign management and reporting requirements.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that your PPC agency runs paid search activities simply for the sake of keeping spend values high, you’ll see why service-based charging makes a lot more sense!

We work in many sectors with particularly strong experience in retail, and we get excited about innovative ways to rise to the multi-channel challenge. This may be the use of geographical bid multipliers, for example, or promotional code offer extensions, both of which can drive additional retail store awareness and increase footfall.

At Fresh Egg we know that our services rely on the experience of our people, which is why we deliberately built a PPC team with considerable international paid search experience gained from working with major brands, particularly in retail, fashion, finance and travel.

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