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PPC Audits

Discover strengths, weaknesses, and how to maximise conversions and revenue with an audit of PPC activity

Fresh Egg validate paid search spend and help you discover how to maximise your PPC conversions and revenue

Our experts provide an unbiased view of your PPC accounts and provide clear recommendations to improve biddable performance.

PPC audits provide the understanding of the ongoing activity that is needed to drive the desired results. Our biddable media team has a wealth of experience planning, managing and optimising paid search campaigns for many national and international brands. We carry out audits across all paid search channels, including:

  • AdWords
  • Bing
  • Display
  • Paid Social
  • Google Shopping

PPC audits

Managing paid search accounts is as much an exercise in organisational ability as it is in advertising prowess. At regular intervals, deep analysis needs to take place on each account to ensure activity is performing at an optimal level.

Our in-depth ppc audit provides an impartial third party assessment of your PPC accounts. It will identify areas of strength and weakness and take a rational, unbiased view of the accounts’ performance, optimisation and administration.

Our audits provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis to understand what is required to achieve your objectives. We work with you to fully understand what it is you need from your PPC activity and audit your accounts against those objectives. This means we give you the exact information you need.

Our audits provide assessment of:

  • Account structure
  • Campaign settings
  • System messages
  • Account setup
  • Performance analysis
  • Remarketing
  • Display

Google Shopping audits

Google Shopping can drive a significant number of orders and a significant amount of revenue. Our team has a strong pedigree optimising this channel.

Our initial audit provides a thorough examination of your current setup. In addition to auditing your campaign settings, campaign structure and conversion performance, we also robustly audit your Google Merchant Centre setup and feed optimisation.

Why should you perform paid search audits?

  • Annual audit of paid spend levels gives assurance of spend levels
  • Fresh eyes, our team will assess activity and performance
  • Validation to key stakeholders of spend effectiveness
  • Opportunity spotting
  • Our audits culminate in clear recommendations to optimise and improve your paid search performance
  • Key recommendations are used to plan the ongoing paid search activity needed to achieve your digital marketing objectives

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