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Search Marketing Icon Effective search marketing relies on a detailed understanding of your target audience and customers and how they find, consume, and buy relevant content, products and services.

The modern path to purchase looks more like a flight map than a funnel, involving (at various stages) advertising stimulus, informational searches, ratings and reviews, in-store visits, online price comparison and more.

search marketing flight path

To understand how to integrate your brand, products, services and content into this buzz of activity, we analyse:

  • Who your customer and audience groups are
  • What they search for at different stages of their buying journey and why
  • Where and how they search, including the platforms and devices used
  • Which competitors and other third party sites make up the digital environment

We refer to this work as audience and intent, and it informs all organic and paid search marketing work completed by your integrated Fresh Egg campaign team. We deliver real, actionable insights into your target audience groups and demographics, the trigger events and search queries related to each stage of the buying process, and the opportunities to respond through the tactical use of content, paid search and integrated social media.

For more information about the Fresh Egg approach to audience intent, read our blog post on the subject.

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