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Definition of SEO

Search engine optimisation is the art of marketing a website so that it has strong organic visibility in search results, attracting relevant, free traffic from people who will be interested in products or services it offers. In the past, SEO has suffered from a bad reputation as it was possible to exploit loopholes in search algorithms, but now good SEO is very much in-step with guidelines and recommendations from Google, Bing and others.

Fresh Egg SEO

At Fresh Egg, we see SEO as a combination of three essential elements that sit within our overall digital marketing approach:

Technical SEO

This ensures that a site is well structured, able to be seen and crawled and search engine "spiders"; or"robots", and uses every possible technical element to make content more relevant to a search audience. This includes making sure that URLs are written in a helpful, informative manner, the site directory structure makes logical sense, the pages load quickly and there are no errors or broken pages that interfere with a crawl journey or user experience

  • Technically perfect sites send good quality signals to search engines, and provide reassurance that users will have a good experience when they visit
  • Good technical structure supports content on the site, ensuring it is seen, updated and ranked more quickly
  • Technical issues can erode trust and confident in a website, inadvertently ‘hide’ important content or services, or, in severe cases, cause a site to be removed entirely from the search results index

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Content optimisation

With search engines now able to crawl and index more content on the web than ever before, the challenge is to find the better content and make this visible in results. Google in particular, has taken extensive steps to update and modify its method of ranking to factor in the quality of website content. Far too often, a site can be let down by duplicated, thin or low quality content that does not answer all the questions a user may have.

Fresh Egg’s content services ensures that site content is good quality geared to customer requirements and offers the best experience  for users.

  • Poor and thin-quality content is targeted by particular updates in Google, and may cause visibility for a whole domain if detected
  • Good quality content promotes user engagement, conversion and attracts additional longtail search
  • Fun, informative and innovative content also attracts natural, organic linking and social sharing from visitors

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Inbound marketing

Sadly it often isn’t enough just to create good content and expect it to naturally take off. Usually, it requires additional effort to amplify the reach by contacting relevant audiences and highlighting its existence. The inbound team identifies relevant and useful audiences, and works on your behalf to contact, negotiate and secure relationships to provide traffic, sharing and engagement.

  • Promoting content and brands across a variety of channels ensures all relevant audiences are made aware of content
  • Innovative campaigns, in partnership with the content team, ensure memorable and useful content is seen by the right people
  • A wide range of cross-channel digital marketing experience provides different audience groups access to your sites’ content and services

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SEO Techniques

Fresh Egg adheres to best practice guidelines across technical optimisation, content creation and marketing and advertising content. We do not offer “linkbuilding packages” or guarantee monthly numbers of links that can only be artificially created using low quality methods on sites that are likely to offer no benefit.

We strive to ensure that content is as engaging and informative as possible to a customer audience, presented in a technically perfect way, and promoted to relevant places where interested customers will see it. This drives interested and engaged customers to your site (and, quite frequently, they choose to link to it too, which is exactly how it is supposed to work).

Legacy methods

‘Legacy’ methods are ways of attempting to influence ranking visibility by using tactics that manipulate factors in the ranking algorithm. Most of these are expressly against webmaster guidelines, or have been identified, devalued and penalised as new tactics evolve and are identified. Although some still occasionally work, this is generally for a short period only until the offending methods are caught and a search penalty is issued: they are more likely to be a risk to a brand’s visibility in organic results than a benefit.

Keyword stuffing

One of the earliest methods of over-optimisation - including multiple instances of target keywords, close variations or hiding keywords through low contrast colours or hidden HTML.

  • Easily recognised – and punished - by content quality algorithms such as Panda
  • Many content signals carry less weight - but can still be recognised as spam signals when ‘stuffed’ with too many keywords
  • Less reliance now on keyword matches and more emphasis on user intention

SEO linkbuilding

Designed to manipulate PageRank by inflating the number of domains linking to target sites. There are still a worrying amount of services guaranteeing quantities of links, despite this being heavily policed by Google

  • Any link that is bought or created by paid services, and not given organically by an editorial decision, is a risk
  • Google and other Search Engines have gone to extreme lengths to identify manipulative link practices and networks offering these services
  • Once popular methods of linkbuilding using blog networks, article sites, low quality directories, advertorials, link exchanges, private networks and forum/blog comments are now toxic liabilities. Sites with large proportions of links from these sources may well face penalisation

Manipulative architecture

This includes a number of techniques such as redirects, cloaking or doorway pages, all of which are designed to funnel a user to a page or content they were not expecting. Usually this will involve the user experience not matching the site code presented to a search crawler

  • Frequently, pages or content that are the destination for this tactic are thin quality and easily detected by content quality filters
  • Google also manually reviews sites, including those that are doing well in search or have been the subject of reporting. Mis-matches between the user and browser experience will be obvious

Thin content

Low quality sites that leverage advertising or affiliate links on automatically generated or scraped content pages have also been targeted.

  • Native content filters can recognise poorly generated and grammatically incorrect text
  • Duplicated and scraped content is also easily detected
  • Assessing the intent and trust of information presented on pages is an important part of Google’s manual checks on websites

Hacked sites

Many legacy links (often from highly trusted domains) were sometimes obtained by hacking vulnerable parts of a website (such as a blog or Wiki) and injecting a link on the site.

  • Google has also upgraded its detection and support of site hacks
  • Sites with links on hacked domains may well be noted as “unnatural link” beneficiaries

Outbound spam

Sites also need to be careful if they offer free hosting services or feature interlinks between owned properties

  • Sites that facilitate web spam will be detected and punished
  • Blog comment spam and hidden links within site themes and plugins can also create low quality signals that can harm visibility
  • Search engines are now better at spotting relationships between sites owned and operated by the same entities. Excessive linking between them may be viewed as a link network




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