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Ongoing Technical SEO Consultancy and Website Monitoring

Stay on top of site changes, links and SEO developments

The monitoring and maintaining of your sites infrastructure from a technical SEO perspective is critical and its importance cannot be overstated. Websites are constantly adapting, with new technologies being introduced and new functionality being added.

Ongoing monitoring prevents issues creeping into a site infrastructure and loss of customers. With regular reporting, you have the confidence that your site is always optimised for your audience and organic search traffic.

Ongoing structural and technical monitoring meets the following objectives:

  • Monitors search engines and their ability to crawl and index your site as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • Monitors whether your site presents users with issues navigating it or accessing its functionality
  • Identifies structural and technical changes through which the performance of your site in organic search can be enhanced
  • Monitors whether your site introduces structural and technical issues which place it at risk of manual penalty or algorithmic visibility loss from Google
  • Provides SEO feedback for internal client projects to ensure onsite changes follow technical  best practice and don’t jeopardise organic performance
  • Provides comprehensive and prioritised best practice recommendations to ensure that issues identified by monitoring can be resolved quickly and effectively

What work is carried out?

  • Fresh Egg completes crawls of your site to identify technical and on-page issues
  • Monitoring tools are set up to track site speed, changes to the robots.txt and search engine result pages for desktop and mobile searches
  • Search engines are monitored to ensure content is being correctly crawled and indexed
  • Errors reported by Google in Search Console are noted and assessed for impact
  • Explicit actions are provided of what fixes need to be implemented. Fresh Egg includes the value of completing the action and the reason why the recommendation should be implemented
  • Ad hoc opportunity spotting and supporting campaign work ensures all work recommended by Fresh Egg is optimised correctly for search engines
  • Organic performance evaluation using your analytics package and Google Search Analytics identifies opportunities and website issues


  • Technical SEO monitoring and maintenance ensures the site is technically sound and there aren’t onsite issues that are going to jeopardise the organic performance of the site
  • Constant monitoring prevents manual and algorithmic penalties from search engines
  • Site infrastructure issues and page errors can be effectively dealt with and repaired before it reaches levels that will cause visibility issues in search results
  • On-page and site architecture opportunities to improve organic performance can be identified more quickly
  • New site enhancements are correctly optimised for search engines and have the best chance to positively increase organic performance
  • Clients have full visibility with a tailored reporting dashboard that highlights key findings

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