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Technical SEO

Delivering technical SEO to ensure that your website is found, crawled, indexed and ranked in organic search results

Search Marketing Icon Our technical SEO services ensure your site has the best chance of being seen and recognised for its content in Google organic search, tapping into over 100 billion searches made worldwide every month.

Unlike legacy methods that attempt to manipulate search engines (and are, invariably punished by quality updates), our Technical SEO consultancy and advice works within Google best practice guidelines. We highlight the best ways to get your site crawled, indexed and ranked for search engines.

Fresh Egg has been working in the SEO industry for sixteen years, adapting to the ever-changing search environment and helping our customers succeed in a challenging industry.

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We have a number of Technical SEO services

SEO Technical Audit

Our SEO audit is a comprehensive analysis of your site or sites, dissecting the technical issues from a crawler and user’s point of view. Page and site structure are examined for weaknesses, and opportunities highlighted where sites can utilise new features in Google to gain additional presence and visibility. An audit can provide a comprehensive, long-term roadmap for improvement, guaranteeing that technical and quality issues will not cause traffic loss.

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Backlink Audit / Penalty Removal

Having a natural, organic link profile has never been more important, with unprecedented scrutiny by Google to ensure that artificial link building methods have not been used to inflate a site’s popularity.

Our backlink audit uses a range of premium subscription tools to identify and classify as many of a site’s backlinks as possible, providing an overall risk assessment and detailing which types of links need proactive action to remove or disavow to protect a website from penalisation.

For those who have received a penalty notice from Google, we can run through the same process to identify all toxic link risks, assist with their removal and advise on the best course of action with reconsideration requests.

Site Migration

Whether migrating to a new domain, changing CMS platform or moving to HTTPS secure serving, a migration can have profound effects on a business if it goes wrong.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that, and involving Fresh Egg at the planning outset of a site migration will ensure a smooth and trouble-free transition.

Our migration plan audits the current site to provide a comparison benchmark and highlights the vital content that requires migration and mapping. Our SEOs and experienced project managers work in conjunction with your developer team through the process, ensuring a successful launch.

Ongoing Technical SEO Website Monitoring

Ongoing technial  SEO monitoring will ensure that a site continues to function smoothly. Data from different crawling tools are amalgamated so that any issues can be dealt with before they start to become an issue for visibility.

Organic Visibility Monitoring

Fresh Egg provides a bespoke reporting dashboard tracking data from web analytics, Search Console and organic visibility for your domain and identified competitors. By allowing you to segment elements of your site, you can see how content areas are performing, and identify opportunities where low-performing pages are not engaging with your audience.

Good SEO should build a strong foundation of growth, not be a liability in a few months as Google releases more quality updates.

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How we do SEO at Fresh Egg

Our approach to search engine optimisation rests on three main principles:

Technical SEO

The nitty-gritty of site code, crawler access and how the site is seen by users and search engine crawlers. Problems that cause difficulties for visitors, or risk suppression in SERP results, are identified and corrected. Technical SEO services usually start with a website audit or spot check to highlight major barriers. 

SEO step 1 - optimise

Content Services

The content on your website drives conversion and is, in itself, and important factor in how your site is placed in results. Fresh Egg's Content Marketing Team ensures that on-site content is rich, engaging and suitably planned and executed to gain the most attention with your audience.

SEO step 2 - engage

Inbound Marketing

Once your website is technically sound and filled with content that will engage, delight and convert users, the Inbound Marketing Team takes this to the next level. Using innovative campaigns across all available digital channels, we highliht your site to valuable audiences and partners for your business, driving traffic, visibility and growth.

SEO step 3- amplify