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How to avoid traffic loss from a website migration?

A lot of 'information' on the web will list horror stories about the traffic loss and suppressed visibility you can expect after a migration. However, provided it is handled correctly, there is no reason a site shouldn't thrive and grow after a succesful migration project.

Our website migration product not only protects organic performance through a site migration, but to also provides digital marketing best practice to ensure the new website is optimised for users and search engines. This provides the best platform for organic growth. Fresh Egg is an expert in the migration planning and execution process.

Successful site migrations embed SEO into the planing process from the very beginning of the project. There are a number of elements to consider when undertaking a site migration, from benchmarking the current site's performance for comparison, to ensuring all valuable content is moved to the new site. While the SEO team work with your developers to manage the technical checklist aspects, our wider digital services team ensure all aspects of transition are managed during a migration phase.

Some of the aspects covered by Fresh Egg include:

  • Thorough benchmarking and assessment of current KPIs
  • SEO best practice checklist for developers
  • URL mapping
  • Digital insights
  • Audience intent
  • Content audit and recommendations
  • UAT review
  • Post-live auditing
  • Through-project consultancy

Benefits of a planned SEO website migration

  • Protecting organic performance of the new site
  • Ensuring the site is built adhering to SEO best practice
  • Providing strong, user-focussed architecture and structure
  • Creating a platform for business growth through better search visibility and user functionality

If you are in the process of undertaking a website redesign, migration to HTTPS, domain name change, or a server move, then you need to factor in full website migration.

Early planning is essential to avoid or mitigate potentially visibility issues, so contact Fresh Egg today to discuss your needs, and ensure your migration process runs smoothly.

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