Why Choose Fresh Egg for Conversion Rate Optimisation?

Why Fresh Egg?

If you want to elevate your conversion rates, boost your basket values or enhance your user engagement, why should you turn to Fresh Egg?

Structured approach

Econsultancy’s Conversion Rate Optimisation Report 2014 states that “companies with a structured approach [to improving conversion performance] are four time more likely to have a significant increase in sales.” The majority of prospective clients we talk do not have a structured approach to testing, either internally or from their agency. Fresh Egg uses a cyclical, data-led approach to identify the leakage points on a website with the most potential.

Full transparency

We are completely transparent about our methodology and we share all tests and data with you so you know exactly what is going on. Wherever possible, we like to involve you at all stages of the process – you have some of the best knowledge available about your audience, your products and services and your site in general (including any blockers to testing activity). You may also have ideas to feed into the test plan. Client involvement is often seen as a blocker by other agencies, rather than being embraced.

Thinking beyond the AB test

We use split testing, segmentation and personalisation in order to fully exploit a site’s conversion potential. It is rare for an agency to offer all three techniques and utilise them concurrently without one skewing another’s data.

Market-leading platform expertise

We can work with all major CRO platforms. We also have a close partnership (one of only seven partners in the UK and one of only three in Australia) with the market leading CRO software provider, Optimizely. This gives us access to bespoke training and support services and ensures that tests are run on this platform most effectively.

CRO tools


Fresh Egg is an integrated digital marketing agency and efficient lines of communication and data-sharing can therefore easily be set up between the Conversion Services team and other channels/disciplines. This leads to a greater overall performance gain across channels than is possible when CRO is run separately to other onsite and offsite marketing activity (e.g. by conversion-only agencies). Where clients have a web maintenance contract with Fresh Egg, CRO learnings will directly inform enhancements that are made to the site on an ongoing basis. We also consider SEO when making test recommendations – this is something often missed by conversion-only agencies.

Integrated CRO


Fresh Egg is multi-disciplined and we can therefore call on the expertise of a wide range of specialists to help generate the best experiments. We also understand how to work efficiently and effectively with your internal team and other third party agencies across a wide variety of specialisms

Wide-ranging site and sector experience

We run a large number of ongoing tests for a wide range of websites across our client base. Our conversion experts therefore have excellent experience of the types of changes that are likely to have the largest uplift potential. We store all our past experiments in a testing database, allowing us to easily recall successful experiments for sites in similar verticals, with similar demographics, similar locations and similar page types. This aggregated knowledge is something that in-house teams simply can’t match.



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Fresh Egg are certified partners of Optimizely and Google.

Fresh Egg are certified partners of Optimizely and Google.


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