Effective custom site tracking is not a ‘set up and sit back’ process. It requires an ever-present pair of eyes on your data. Let us lend you ours.

With two decades in the game, and Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) status, our skilled team can help you understand and fully harness the power of your data to make real change to your business.

We monitor, refine and continually improve your site’s tracking to accurately record and enhance the user journey for optimal reporting and increased ROI.

Google Analytics Certified Partner Services
Fresh Egg insight team
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Custom tracking 

We don’t have time for jargon, and neither do you. We work with you to set out the required bespoke reporting metrics that matter to your business KPIs. 

Leave the data headaches to us – we love complex tracking challenges, custom configurations and advanced segmentation – it’s in our blood.

Cross-channel reporting

Nobody has time to read and cross-reference multiple reports from various channels.

So as best practice, we create a single report to encompass all of your digital activity via one, consistently attributed source of data.

Simplicity always wins.


At Fresh Egg we foster a culture of continual testing, learning and refinement. Everything we do is fed back into the cycle for ongoing adaption and sophistication of our approach.

Knowledge is power, so the more we learn, the more power we have to make a real difference to your business.

Data integrity

Data integrity is fundamental to reliable reporting and refers to the accuracy, consistency and completeness of your data.

Data integrity

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