A Month In The Life Of A Fresh Egg Digital Marketing Apprentice

Written by Intern - 04 Nov 2014

Fresh Egg is now running its own Digital Marketing apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with Dv8 Sussex, and has employed three very bright (well, I think so!) young people in its first intake: that’s me Michael King, Abbie Rawcliffe and James Wardleworth. Here we share our thoughts on working at Fresh Egg now we’ve been here more than a month, and on being an apprentice.

Michael: I’ve learned a massive amount


Michael King

Walking through the front doors of Fresh Egg made me feel as if I was somewhere important and professional. There were introductions after introductions, new faces and a lot of tasks to get on with – a key reason why I wanted to become an apprentice. And having my own desk made me feel like an adult, instead of a child!

My first few days at Fresh Egg were spent getting to know my colleagues. After this, I was assigned a task to learn the basics of digital marketing – including how the various parts are all different, but are all working towards the same goals.

Everyone at Fresh Egg is extremely polite and friendly: in my first week I knew exactly who to talk to if I needed help. Also, the introductions provided by Fresh Egg were professionally laid out and nothing was too complicated to understand.

Also, if I get assigned to a task which I might not be good at, or didn’t do correctly, there’s no negativity from anyone. They are all here to help me improve (even if that takes me a year!) and here to train me to my limits within Digital Marketing.

The three teams we were assigned to

There are three main areas we apprentices have been assigned to: Inbound Marketing, SEO and Biddable Media. We will take it in turns to work in each section.

In my role at the company during the first four months I have learnt a massive amount about how the company uses inbound marketing to help clients in an effective way.

I’ve been working on a few tasks so far. I’ve helped proof a website that isn’t live yet. And I’ve helped our digital marketing assistant coming up with inbound and SEO marketing ideas for Fresh Egg’s fortnightly blogs. Whilst working with numerous clients along the way. And, of course, I’m learning how to write blog posts.

As a Fresh Egg apprentice, I expect that there will be challenges along the way – and that they will help me to improve my knowledge and learn how to do tasks that I might not have done before.

Lastly, the office and working hours also makes me feel like an adult; and, as my apprenticeship continues, I hope to help the company more and more with what they have taught me during my first month!

Michael King


Abbie: it’s really valuable


 Abbie Rawcliffe

Being an apprentice at Fresh Egg is a valuable experience where I am learning and exploring sectors that I have never been exposed to before.

In the month that I have been an apprentice at Fresh Egg I have had the opportunity to gain qualifications in Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Bing Advertising. This has helped to expand my knowledge of Biddable Media, as well as realising what is involved in online advertising and paid search.

Experiencing the Digital Marketing world really opens your eyes to what is involved, what goes on behind the scenes and the amount of detail that is involved in the ads that we see every day on the internet.

Abbie Rawcliffe 


James: it’s exciting and enjoyable

James - Digital Marketing Apprentice

James Wardleworth

My first month as an apprentice at Fresh Egg has been one big, steep learning curve but a very exciting and enjoyable one.

I have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of SEO and digital marketing first hand: this has really expanded my knowledge of digital marketing, as I had a very limited knowledge before starting the apprenticeship. I have been very busy working on client work since starting, actually putting what I have learned in to practice – seeing the results of this first hand is something I have really enjoyed and find highly rewarding.

 During the first month, I was given the opportunity to take the Google analytics exam, I found this particularly interesting and enjoyed learning how Google analytics can be used from a business perspective by studying user behaviour and monitoring site traffic, etc.

The environment I am in is as good as it gets for an apprentice, being surrounded by people with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field means I am learning new things every day, and that there is always someone there to answer and explain any questions I have. There is a very down-to-earth and relaxed atmosphere in the workplace, this really makes you feel welcome and helps you settle in quickly.

I have had insightful inductions in to all sections of the company, the practices and the processes the company follows. Coming in to an industry that is this fast-paced, it makes it much easier to hit the ground running.

If you do a similar apprenticeship, you can expect to do a lot of learning and research into SEO practices – it has surprised me how much depth there is to SEO, and how broad it actually is. Also, you’ll be working on real client projects in the first month!

I have had really thorough training for everything I have worked on, and have been given all the necessary tools to complete these tasks. This has given me much more confidence to go and complete tasks knowing I have had the correct training and that I am equipped to do the job.

I have worked on a number of areas of SEO since starting including: Keyword research, improving Meta title and descriptions, back linking and search intent research. 

For me, coming from a creative background in graphic design, I have really enjoyed getting to grips with something more technical (SEO) in the first month, and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of learning something from scratch. I really look forward to what is in store for me in the rest of my time here.

James Wardleworth


The benefits of an apprenticeship

So we three apprentices are settling in well… and hope we are grasping the great opportunity we’ve been given.  Here are what I think are the biggest benefits of being an apprentice:

  • 1 or 2 years of experience working for a company (which looks good when employers want to hire you)
  • Learning a lot about how business works
  • And you get paid to learn! Here’s the National Minimum Wage for an apprentice, as of October 2014:

o   £2.73 an hour for 16-18 year olds

o   £2.73 an hour for 19+ year olds during their first year of an apprentice

o   See the full minimum wage list here at gov.uk: www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates


Are you interested in working for Fresh Egg? Please contact us for more information. And you can read more about the apprenticeship scheme here.