Fresh Egg Free Event: Agency, in-house or both? Making the right choice for your organisation

Written by Lee Colbran - 06 Aug 2019

To support our ground-breaking whitepaper, 'A guide to in-housing and creating a digital centre of excellence', our experts will be sharing the value of their experience when it comes to creating a digital centre of excellence at our forthcoming event in London on 1st October 2019.

The word is out

It’s no secret that many more businesses are building digital teams and taking a greater variety of work in-house including PPC, SEO, design, UX etc. Whilst many in the industry see this as a threat, here at Fresh Egg, we simply see this as the digital marketing world evolving and maturing.

We openly support our clients efforts in building digital teams. From the implementation of a whole new digital team, to support with expert contractors, we are there for our clients in every step of their in-housing journey. Not only have we helped our clients with elements such as the creation of job descriptions, supporting them throughout the interview process etc., we also support them by maintaining first-class standards with ongoing training and backup for their teams. Our experts understand the challenges in recruiting digital talent and regularly assist our clients with their long-term and interim recruitment challenges.

Fresh Egg in-housing event in London, 1st October 2019

FREE Event: Agency, in-house or both? Making the right choice for your organisation.

We want to share our experience in helping our clients with their in-housing challenges. The Fresh Egg team are going to be joined by some inspirational guest speakers who have (and wear) the 'in-housing' t-shirt and will be able to inspire you in how they have built excellent digital teams, overcome obstacles and how they retain agency expertise to drive performance.

Our event on 1st October 2019 will be of real interest to business owners, heads of department, board members and managers who are struggling or have a need/want to build an internal digital team. The combined expertise of our panel will provide you with the insight, intelligence and practical steps you can take to kick-start your in-housing initiatives.

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Event agenda.

  1. In-housing in 2019 – learn about the latest trends around in-housing for brands
  2. In-housing stories from the front-line – hear examples of in-housing successes and challenges from the people running marketing teams
  3. How to start the in-housing journey – be taken on a journey through the key discovery and planning steps
  4. People power – understand how to find and retain the best digital talent

Come and join-in

This will take place on 1st October 2019 at the Courthouse Hotel, London. You can register for the event by completing our simple registration form.