Google Analytics Premium has arrived

Google Analytics Premium logo

Alongside Google Analytics Standard Edition - which continues to be free and is currently being worked on extensively by the GA product engineering team -  it was announced today that Google has introduced Google Analytics Premium for particularly large customers, who in Google’s own words ‘have some specific needs that the current version of Google Analytics can't meet in their entirety’.

Essentially this is intended for sites receiving over 10 million hits per month (pageviews plus events plus transactions) and customers requiring more dedicated support and SLAs.

Therefore the Google Analytics Premium offering is focussed around 4 key areas as follows:

Google Analytics Premium - key features

The significantly higher data limits and option to download unsampled data will be music to the ears of any brands that are all too familiar with seeing the sampling message ‘This report is generated in fast-access mode.’ Also, the SLAs around data collection and processing speed, guarantee of data ownership for the end client, the attribution modelling tool and the current intensity of product development will make Google Analytics Premium a very strong contender against any paid analytics vendors for enterprise businesses.

Google Analytics Premium has been in limited pilot with brands such as Gucci, Travelocity, TransUnion and eHarmony but is now available to any interested company for a fixed annual price. It is currently only available in the UK, US and Canada but will be rolled out globally in due course.