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Hello and welcome to Fresh Egg’s Digital Marketing News. In this edition, we talk about Google penalties, the new CEO of Microsoft, Pinterest’s Explore feature, our favourite Super Bowl advert and Facebook’s new app, Paper.

Google takes action on brands

This week, news broke that at least four brands had heavily lost their organic visibility after being penalised by Google. These brands included lawyer firm Irwin Mitchell, insurance company Protect Your Bubble, online marketplace musicMagpie and online recruitment website Retail Choice.

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None of the brands penalised now show up for their own brand search terms.

More information on these dramatic losses can be found on David Naylor’s blog.

Pinterest’s new Explore feature

Following its launch of recipe search features and acquisition of VisualGraph, Pinterest has announced the new ‘Explore’ feed.

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This new feature helps users find more pins that are relevant, and therefore interesting, to them. For example, if you’ve pinned a lot of pictures of New Zealand, you’ll see pins topically related to New Zealand appearing in your Explore Interests feed. The more you use Pinterest, the more relevant your interests will be. However, we did notice images we had previously pinned appearing within this feed – it would be helpful to have an option to filter these out.

In order to gain more real estate in these explore feeds and support click-through to your website and content, should your brand be utilising Rich Pins more? Have you found any other ways to promote on Pinterest?

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The official blog post from Pinterest can be found here.

For further information on Pinterest, social media and any other digital marketing advice your business may need, contact our team here.

Facebook Paper

Facebook has released a free iOS app called Paper: a news app that combines curated content from the biggest news publications and from your own Facebook feed.

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Although not a replacement for the original Facebook app, the ability to view normal Facebook features such as events, groups and timelines, as well as the ability to post to your own timeline, Facebook Paper could cannibalise the original app.

After its 10 year old anniversary this week, Mark Zuckerberg has recently announced the strategy for Facebook in 2014 is to build more standalone apps. With messaging split out into its own app and Instagram the fastest growing social media website, what part of Facebook will be next? Facebook Groups?

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Read a review of Paper on The Verge and the 10th birthday interview with Mark Zuckerberg on Businessweek.

Microsoft names next CEO

The new CEO of Microsoft has been confirmed as Satya Nadella, the previous executive of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. Satya was chosen ahead of the rumoured candidates, which included Ford CEO Alan Mulally, former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, and Microsoft executive and former Skype CEO Tony Bates.

Along with the CEO confirmation, Microsoft announced Bill Gates will be stepping down as chairman into a new role of technology advisor, supporting Satya Nadella on product and technology direction.

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Satya Nadella faces a myriad of difficulties after his promotion, including which direction Microsoft must go in, what to do with Nokia, how to continue to grow Bing, and the Xbox One’s console war against Sony’s PS4.

The Microsoft page on the appointment can be found here.

Our favourite Super Bowl advert

This brilliantly cute advert by Budweiser received the most views and social shares of any of the Super Bowl adverts. It features an adorable puppy making friends with a horse and bringing people together, what’s not to love?

Have you seen any advertising campaigns that have caught your eye recently?

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