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In the second edition of our bi-weekly digital marketing news, Google adds reviews into Google Places, TripAdvisor is integrated into Bing and Pinterest adds ‘Place Pins’. Read on to find out more.

Reviews in Google Places for Business

Google has announced the addition of a reviews tab within Google Places for Business. If you have a Google Places for Business set up, you will see a ‘Review inbox’ within this tab, which shows you ratings and reviews of your business that have been left by Google users. Analytics of this information, as well as snippets of reviews written about your business on other websites, is also available within this tab.

Furthermore, the new review section lets you respond directly to comments left by users, allowing you to start a conversation with your customers and make sure they are happy with your products and services.

Further information can be found on the official Google blog

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Matt Cutts on meta descriptions 

Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, was asked if it was necessary for every page to have a meta description. His response was that every page of your website should have a unique meta description, and that it is better to have no meta description at all than to use the same meta description across several web pages.

Meta descriptions should ideally be used to describe the contents of the individual pages and encourage users to click through to the site with specific calls to action

In the case that no meta description is present, Google will do its best to make a snippet for the individual pages. However, Matt Cutts said that you want to make sure the most important pages do have proper meta description tags on them, especially if the auto-generated snippets are poor.

The full Google Webmaster video can be found below.


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Bing integrates TripAdvisor within search result pages

TripAdvisor has not only released a Windows 8.1 app, but also announced that its price comparison tools, travel search capabilities and content can now be found within Bing search result pages. This will be found on the right hand side of search results, similarly to Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Of the partnership, TripAdvisor says:

“Now, when you search for somewhere to stay on Bing, you’ll have instant access to our community’s reviews and ratings without needing to leave the page. And, if you have specific dates in mind, you can see which hotels are available and at what price. You can go from thinking about where to go to being ready to book in a matter of seconds.”

Although this may not help Bing win further search market share off Google and Yahoo, its current users may find the enhanced content around hotels and restaurants incredibly beneficial, and could increase engagement within the search engine.

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The full announcement by TripAdvisor can be found here

Pinterest adds Place Pins

This week, Pinterest announced the addition of the ability for users to add a location to each of their pins, and create a map from those pins. Users will be able to add a map onto their existing boards by clicking ‘edit’ and then ‘add map’, or to a brand new pin board when they begin creating it.

Although a considerable effort to make Pinterest more useful for travelling, we can imagine this being used not only by travel companies and bloggers, but by restaurants documenting the best places to eat in their local cities, and wedding planners showing off the best beaches for weddings.

Kurt Wagner at Mashable discussed the potential of this for advertisers: 

“Pin locations include plenty of information about retailers and restaurants, including addresses and phone numbers. It's reasonable to believe that they might also include promoted deals or exclusive offers in the future.”

A brilliant example is from Tropical Sky, whose pin board of Antigua in the Caribbean makes us all want a holiday right now. 

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The official Pin Places announcement can be found on Pinterest’s blog

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