Track SEO Rankings - Yoast/Scholten with a twist of @analyticsgirl

Written by Intern - 15 Jan 2010

Thanks to Andre Scholten from Traffic4u for writing this post at

It provides us Google Analytics buffs with a great hack to enable us to see the position that our clients sites were on when they were clicked from Google's SERPS (only works if Google are using the AJAX version of their search engine).


but like this


Andre's method lets you see results shown like this in Google Analytics user-defined reporting interface.


However, we found that we needed to collect the data in a slightly different fashion so that the data could be presented as a group of #1 positions, #2 positions etc. as follows..


When you drilldown by pressing the position number, then sort by the keyword dimension (see below), you get a list of all the keywords that sent traffic for the number 1 position in SERPS.



How to do it.

1. Setup a profile on its own for this tracking.

2. Only include Organic Traffic


3. Next add a filter to only include Google Trafficscholten5

4. Then add a filter to capture the SERPS positions


Job Done!!