The reason why we love Google and Internet Shopping

Written by Lee Colbran - 07 Jun 2008

"Can you get me a remote cotrol for a Cello DVD RW", to which I replied "a what?".

This is how it started...........

It's Friday evening, and after getting in and settling down with my dinner the phone is ringing hot.

It's the father-in-law and he is after me, but why is he after me? Does he want to take me for a beer? Does he want to give me some money to take his daughter out? Was he ringing me to ask if I would like a new 42" TV? No, no and no!

On this fine Friday evening he wanted me to find a remote control for a DVD ReWriter. Now here's the problem, we are not talking about any old DVD Rewriter, this was no Sony, Toshiba, Samsung or Panasonic DVD Rewriter. Oh no, that would have been too easy.

No this was a....... wait for it.......

A Cello DVD Rewriter

Say that again?

Yes, you did hear correctly, A Cello DVD Rewriter.

First question, what sort of brand is Cello? I have never even heard of it? It turns out my Father in Law has only been down to our local Co-op where a fire sale had been taking place on electrical equipment after Co-op decided to stop selling electricals.

Here's the catch, he bought the DVD at such a cheap price it came with no remote control. Now his mate who turns out to be your main man when it comes to TV's and the like told him flatly that NO universal remote control would work with this particular DVD Rewriter.

Faced with this rather bleak news my Father in Law was on phone to me, "If I can't find the correct remote control, I'll have to sling it!" Then he said "If anyone can find one, you will be able to" - No pressure then!

And that was it, conversation ended and there we were again; the trusty trio on another mission - Myself, the laptop and Google

I won't bore you with my searching habits, but surprise, surprise, within a very short space of time I was in the zone and whittling away the sites which were leading me up the wrong path. My flow when I was interupted and I had to go off and do a few family bits, so I put the quest on the back burner.

A couple of hours later I was back to my mission. I adjusted my search term and bingo, I found one! Excellent, that's my family inheritance secured.

Once I had completed the order, it really was satisfying to know that in little over 10 minutes I had tracked down a remote control for some obscure Chinese DVD Rewriter.

Visiting your local electrical store

Can you imagine going down to Currys or Comet or even an independent electrical retailer and trying to source one of these controls? Simply put, it ain't going to happen. Not only that, it is the time required to do so, plus the petrol money and the inconvenience.

Why we love Google and Internet Shopping

And there you have it, at some obscure hour of the morning I was able to find and order a product which by rights should have taken me an absolute age to track down. What baffles me, is why people are still using shops? Why go through all that hassle? Why go through the torture of driving on over-crowded roads and then having to park? Why, why, why?

Delivering the good news

Having just spoken to the Father-in-Law, he was delighted that I had secured a remote control, but then he asked, "Can you get an instruction leaflet?", Back to the laptop, Google here I come..........