Digital Marketing News Round Up: Acquisition Reporting in Google Analytics, Local Availability Now in Google Shopping and No More PageRank Updates

Written by Intern - 14 Oct 2013

New reports in Google Analytics

Google is aware of the popularity of the traffic source reports in Google Analytics and have been focusing their attentions on giving users a broader view of their websites.

The new reports have been renamed ‘Acquisition’ (previously ‘Traffic Sources’) in Google Analytics, and aim to to show you how users interact with your site from how they got there and what they do to whether they convert.

Within the Acquisition section are two new reports:

  • Overview – Gives users a quick summary of your sites traffic acquisition
  • Channels – A more detailed view of your site’s acquisition, behaviour and conversions with options to dig deeper into the data

Local availability now in Google Shopping

Google have started to roll out two new features within Google Shopping: local product listings and local storefront.

When users search for a product, as well as the normal results they’ll also be shown the product listings from shops in close proximity. If they click on that local shopping listing, they’ll be presented with the new local storefront which includes the normal shop details (opening hours, address, etc.) as well as product availability and other products from that store.

Google uses the store’s product feed, which can be managed via the Google Merchant Centre, to pull in further information and products. Currently this feature is only available via an invite from Google, but stores in the USA can register their interest here.

Bing Places for Business now available in the UK

Bing Places (previously Bing Business Portal) was relaunched in America in April 2013, and has now announced a rollout to Canada and the UK.

Businesses in the UK can now add and manage their local business listings via Bing Places, and should expect to see their inclusion within Bing’s search results pages.

There is a simple three-step process for signing up:

1. Search for your company in Bing to see if they already have your business information and check to make sure it is all correct and up to date (if it isn’t, sign up to correct your business’s information)

2. If it isn’t included, sign up and create your new listing and include as much information as possible

3. Bing will need to verify you own the business either by phone or by post

If you want to sign up for a Bing Places account, click here.

Matt Cutts says there will be no more new PageRank updates in 2013

Google’s Matt Cutts was asked on Twitter if there would be anymore Google PageRank updates rolled out before 2014. His response: “ I would be surprised if that happened.”

The last time Google updated PageRank was back in February 2013, which is over eight months ago. Since the removal of the Google Toolbar from Firefox, Internet Explorer is the only browser left which still offers Google’s own PageRank display, it having never been offered in Chrome).

Since Cutts was asked about it on Twitter, he has released a video discussing PageRank and mentions, which he said: “ Over time, the PageRank indicator will probably start to go away.”

Is this the beginning of the end for PageRank?

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