Friday Social Round Up: Steve Jobs Resigns, Government Back Tracks and Facebook has Trillions.

Steve Jobs has Resigned as Apple CEO.

Steve Jobs has announced that he is stepping down as CEO of Apple. He is handing over the day to day running of the company to Tim Cook, but will still continue to be chairman of the board.

Heralded as 'the greatest leader our industry has ever known',  the 'most important person in personal technology' as well as a 'genius', Jobs has been in poor health for a while and this is the reason he has decided to step down.

Speaking of his resignation he said "I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, that day has come."

We would like to wish Steve Jobs all the best and congratulate Tim Cook.

Facebook hits a Trillion Page views a month

Acccording to data from DoubleClick, Facebook has garnered more that 1 trillion page views per month in June and July.

Doubleclick reports that Facebook recieved approximately 870 Million unique visiting in June and a lower, but still impressive 860 million in July, this exceeds the known number of users by over 100million. On average each visitor viewed 1,160 pages in July, equating to 40 per a visit.

Despite these enormous figures, third party studies imply that Facebook activity is on the decline. Facebook has firmly dismissed any reports that suggest a fall in numbers.


Government has back tracked on idea to ban social media after the riots

The governments initial plan to close down social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook during civil disturbance has been scrapped.

Instead the government and the police held 'constructive' talks aimed at preventing violence being plotted online through existing co-operation, the Home Office said.

The meeting with representatives from social networks Twitter and Facebook as well as Blackberry were held as a result of the riots seen across Britain earlier on this month.

Talking about Thursday's meeting, a Home Office spokeswoman said: "The home secretary, along with the Culture Secretary and Foreign Office Minister Jeremy Browne, has held a constructive meeting with Acpo (the Association of Chief Police Officers), the police and representatives from the social media industry.

"The discussions looked at how law enforcement and the networks can build on the existing relationships and co-operation to prevent the networks being used for criminal behaviour.

"The government did not seek any additional powers to close down social media networks."

Social Media Infographic of the week