Digital Marketing News Round Up: Google Maps iOS 2.0, Yahoo! Acquires AdMovate, Product Listing Ad Results and Matt Cutts on Transparency

Written by Will Barnes - 22 Jul 2013

It was a busy week in terms of digital marketing developments last week. With an iOS Google Maps update, significant changes to product listing ad results (PLAs) and more words of wisdom from Matt Cutts, Google once again dominates the headlines. However, Yahoo! has also made an interesting acquisition that hammers home the increasing importance of mobile search.

Google Maps iOS 2.0

google-maps-2In September 2012, Apple dropped Google as their map provider, which resulted in a disastrous couple of months for Apple and a chance for Google to make waves in the iOS mapping world. However, this week sees the launch of Google Maps 2.0 on all iOS devices. The app has been developed to include ratings from friends and Zagat experts as well as Google Offers, with an iPad version also now available.

Zagat, acquired by Google in September 2011, is a great addition to the existing map features. It offers extra insight when looking at map listings and as such should be considered by SEOs as a factor in conversion rate marketing (CRM) on a local level. CRM may also be improved through Google’s pushing of their Google Offers service, which will also be listed on participating local listings and create a great opportunity to get that edge over competitors.

88% of AdWords traffic on mobile is incremental

AdWords on mobile are, according to a Google study, incremental 88% of the time, which is great news for those targeting mobile PPC. This means that, according to the study, 88% of traffic delivered via AdWords is on top, rather than instead of, any organic traffic.


These figures come from a study conducted by Google into 300 US AdWords accounts across 12 verticals, and show the importance of PPC in increasing traffic rather than just converting traffic from an organic click to a paid click. The interesting figures come from the classified and local vertical, which shows 97% of AdWords traffic to be incremental and as such demonstrates good opportunities for future investment in PPC for local businesses.

However, it pays to bear in mind that these statistics come from Google and are promoting one of their products, so it’s probably wise to take them with a pinch of salt.

Yahoo! acquires AdMovate

Supporting Google in demonstrating the importance of mobile advertising, Yahoo! announced the acquisition of AdMovate, a product the company claims is made forenabling advertisers to create and deliver personalised, hyper-local targeted offers through the mobile channel.” News of this acquisition is another indication of the importance of mobile search, but rest assured desktop search is far from dwindling.

16 product listing ad results?

On 15 July 2013, the Rimm Kaufman Group posted a screen grab from a Google SERP for the search term “Adidas boat shoes”. These results included the normal five product listing ad (PLA) results but also included a drop-down arrow that expanded the ad space to 16 PLAs.

What’s interesting is that, if Google fully rolls this out, it could result in people only seeing Google ads above the fold on many

Matt Cutts on “cross linking schemes” and transparency

Matt Cutts released two videos on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel this week. The first of these discussed Google’s transparency in relation to bad backlinks, and suggests asking questions on the Google Webmaster Forum (where Google staff might be hanging out) rather than expecting a response to a question submitted in a reconsideration request.

matt-cutts-on-linking-many-domainsCutts’s second video of the week was in response to a question about linking between many domains. Cutts’s response is that most people don’t need a huge amount of cross-linked domains, especially as this could be seen as a “cross linking scheme”.

The exception is international versions of a site, where cross linking could be helpful to the user. Cutts’s suggestion here is that, instead of linking in the footer, a location page is built to accommodate the relevant international sites. It’s good to hear Cutts being explicit on such subjects, and this may help larger international companies with their cross-domain linking issues.

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