Digital Marketing News Round Up: Klout Integration in Bing Results, Google Maps Design Overhaul, One Organic SERP on iPads and Do Press Releases Count in Google?

This week’s instalment of digital marketing news sees the introduction of Klout Experts and a couple of notable changes in Google.

Let’s get stuck in.


Klout integration in Bing results


Klout Expert

Having previously announced a strategic partnership with Bing back in September 2012, Microsoft has developed this further by making it so that ‘Klout Experts’ appear at the top of search results.

Klout Experts will be asked questions by other users pertaining to topics they have or are growing influence in, these questions prompting them to write simple 300 character responses. After these are posted to Klout, they are subsequently highlighted at the top of the Bing search results page along with a photo of the person answering the question.

Bing had previously factored the widely trusted Klout Score metric into its search results, and it makes sense for Microsoft to have a vested interest in the site’s success. However, it remains to be seen how Klout Experts will fare against peers such as Quora, Yahoo Answers and wikiHow.

This new feature could be interesting for SEO as it effectively adds an ‘authorship’ element to Bing’s search results, giving an ‘instant’ answer instead of having to click onto a website. Additionally, links on Klout also currently have the rel=nofollow attribute, the effects of which remain to be seen.


Google Maps design overhaul


Google is testing a new design for its maps, possibly in time for a release at Google I/O this week.

New Google MapsThe redesign appears to be specifically aimed at users with mobile devices. As well as adding Google+ integration the new features allow you to restrict local search results to places recommended by top reviews or those in your Google+ circles.

As such, making sure you are targeting the correct area becomes ever more important.


Google only showing one organic result to iPad users



Google results on iPads are dominated by adverts, with search results pages only turning up one organic result. This is pretty significant, especially as by the end of the year there will be an estimated 200 million iPads in existence, with many using Google for search.


iPad Search ResultsThis definitely shows the importance of a paid search campaign if the organic results are limited to one or two above the fold on a tablet.


Press releases still count in Google

Six months ago, Matt Cutts said that press releases “won’t benefit your rankings”.

However, SEO tool developer Daniel Tan released a press release, added a link to Matt Cutts’ blog with the anchor text “leasreepressmm” and, after a few days, it ranked at position #7.

Perhaps Matt meant that it wouldn’t benefit your rankings for more competitive search terms?

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