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Digital Marketing News Round Up: Potential Google Update, ‘Direct’ Safari Mobile Traffic Explained and Yahoo and Blekko Redesigns

Was there another Google update this week?

On the morning of Wednesday 5 June, rumours started circulating regarding the possibility of a further Google update being implemented since the WebmasterWorld, SERPmetrics, and MozCast reported ‘volatile’ results in Google’s SERPs, as well as atypical traffic levels.

MozCast 95 update

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SERoundtable has approached Google for information regarding the observations of these industry spearheads, but the search engine has apparently refused to comment. This lack of disclosure has digital marketing folk wondering whether the unexpected search results are the result of Google tweaking the aforementioned Penguin 2.0, or whether they indicate an entirely new addition to Google’s algorithm.

We will, of course, keep you updated should any more details emerge.

‘Direct’ Safari Mobile Traffic Explained

Since September 2012, site visits resulting from searches in IOS 6’s mobile Safari browser were being reported as ‘direct’ visits – as opposed to organic ones – in Google Analytics.

Danny Sullivan, of Search Engine Land, shed some light on the issue this week however, explaining that Google changed how it reported referrers in March 2012. At this time, Google began using the ‘meta referrer tag’ so that each page of a website comprises referrer data, as opposed to Google passing on this information to browsers via its web server. While the desktop version of Safari supports this tag functionality, this is not yet the case for the mobile version.

Although the issue has not been resolved, webmasters will now at least have a clearer understanding of any increased direct visits and/or organic traffic drops they see in GA.

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Yahoo and Blekko SERPs Redesigns

Search engines Yahoo and Blekko both announced redesigns for their SERPs this week.

The former now has aesthetics very similar to Google’s, and it has claimed ‘under the hood’ work will see results load faster than before. You can read more about the redesign on Yahoo’s Tumblr.

yahoo redesign, u2

Blekko, meanwhile, has adopted a tablet-friendly, colourful interface comprising vertical tags and responsive design. This redesign appears to mirror Blekko’s previously launched, tablet-optimised search engine app, Blekko Redesign, U2

Whether these redesigns will see either search engine steal any of Google’s market dominance remains to be seen.

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