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Digital Marketing News Round Up: GWT Search Queries Bug, Cutts on Nofollowing Internal Links, and Google Authorship Within Image Search

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of our digital marketing news round up. After the huge hoo-ha caused by Hummingbird and 100% ‘notprovided’ data last week, the past seven days have been relatively quiet on the news front. However, we’ve still got plenty to keep you informed. If you’d like to find out more about Google’s Hummingbird update, or this rise of ‘notprovided’ data in Google Analytics, check out the two latest blog posts from our SEO director Lee Colbran:

On with the news!

Search queries bug in Google Webmaster Tools

After announcing the impending rise to 100% ‘not provided’ for all Google organic referrals, Google told us that Webmaster Tools would still be providing query data in the search queries tab. However, some noticed this data was not being provided by Webmaster Tools on 23 September. It has been confirmed by John Mueller, a webmaster trends analyst at Google, that this is due to an unrelated bug and is not intentional. Google tells us that it expects reporting “to return to normal in the coming days.” In relation to ‘not provided’ data, now predicts organic traffic from Google to be 100% ‘not provided’ by 17 November 2013 (last week, the predicted date was 19 November).


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Matt Cutts: internal links do not need to be ‘nofollowed’

After being asked whether it is a good idea to use nofollow on internal links in the latest video on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel, Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, replied: “I would try to leave the nofollow off.” He goes on to explain that login pages and the like could be exceptions to the rule, and also pointed out that nofollow remains a useful tool when it comes to linking to external sites. Check out the video for yourself below.


Google Authorship within image search

Google announced at SMX East that Authorship can now be found for items within Google’s Image Search.
This was rolled out fairly quietly a couple of weeks ago. It’s worth bearing in mind that Authorship within Image Search is currently only attributing the person who wrote the article within which the image is included, not who took the picture.

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