Fresh Egg Round Up

Digital Marketing News Round Up: New GWT Security Issues Section, Cutts: More Pages Does Not Equal Higher Rank, and Bing’s Hero Ads

It’s been a relatively quiet week on the digital marketing front – maybe Halloween had a little something to do with it. So, with this poor attempt to link all the news together under one scary theme under way, here’s what you can expect this week: Google is trying to make being a webmaster a little less frightening, there is actually some Halloween-themed fun, and watch out for the big bang from Bing.

Google Webmaster Tools adds ’Security Issues‘ section

Spam and malware hacks cause many a webmaster grief. Google has been working on streamlining the clean-up and recovery process, and has now added a Security Issues section to GWT.

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Google says that in the new section, which replaces the old Malware tab, you’ll be able to:

  • Find more information about the security issues on your site, in one place
  • Pinpoint the problem faster with detailed code snippets
  • Request review for all issues in one go through the new simplified process
  • See the type of hacking, sample URLs if available, and the date when the issue was last detected

These additions look like they’ll make it a lot easier to deal with hacks - good to see Google trying to make life easier.

Matt Cutts: more pages does not equal higher rankings

Could more be less? In his latest webmaster video, Matt Cutts has stated that just by having a high number of pages, you do not get an automatic ranking boost – but it’s never quite that straightforward, is it?

As Matt himself says:

  • The more pages you have, the more chances you have to rank for different pages...
  • And the more likelihood that you will have more links and PageRank, which would directly impact your rankings (depending on many other factors)

So, to recap, just having a big website does not automatically confer more juice, but it does create more opportunities for a visibility boost, because more pages could well help with other ranking factors. 

Branded ‘Hero Ads’ for Bing results

Following Google’s giant banner tests for branded searches last week, Bing is trying something similar within Windows 8.1’s Smart Search, with ‘Hero Ads’ appearing when you search for particular brands.

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The test is currently going ahead with select brand partners in the United States – so far The Home Depot, Land Rover, Radio Shack, and Volkswagen are among those taking part.

It will be no surprise to see this initiative rolled out further. Microsoft said the Hero Ads are: “A brand’s effective home page on the search results.

“What we are doing is being very mindful that ‘you are looking for an entity’ and introducing visual elements that consumers would be looking for.”

The adverts do not take up the entire search window; normal organic results can be found to the right of these adverts.

If you look, you can see a similarity to Xbox music results.

Google and Halloween

Halloween fun was promised, and Halloween fun is being delivered – Google created some Easter eggs within its knowledge graph, to celebrate.

Answers to searches for ‘ghost’, ‘witch’, ‘skeleton’, and ‘grim reaper’ all returned fun results. Here's the one for 'ghost'.


We hope they don’t keep you awake at night!

Hints, tips and rumours

If the above wasn’t scary enough for you, here’s some more titbits to get your teeth in to:

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