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Facebook Introduce Save and Mentions, Google Warn of Flash and Google Analytics Goes Live on iOS - Digital Marketing News

With summer well and truly underway it seems that the world of digital has gone a little quiet. Although, this hasn't stopped Facebook and Google from keeping busy, and making things better for their users. This fortnight's digital marketing news looks at two new updates from both of these digital giants, including Facebook's release of the Save feature and Google further pushing webmasters away from Flash

Facebook finally introduce Save

Facebook has been testing giving users the ability to save interesting articles and stories when using the social platform’s main app for a long while. This has now come out of testing with an announcement from Daniel Giambalvo, one of Facebook’s software engineers, on Monday 21 July.

Facebook SaveImage source: 

The new feature, coined ‘Save’, allows a user to come back to a story at a more convenient time and to not get lost in the constantly refreshing News Feed. It’ll be interesting to see how this moves forward and competes against similar services.

Facebook introduce Mentions

Facebook has launched a new iOS app called Mentions, which is aimed at ‘actors, athletes, musicians and other influencers’. The app will allow further engagement from those verified users with their fans, and although most of us won’t have access to it, it does offer the opportunity for celebrities to really push their social side, much like the given example below from Tyrese Gibson:

Facebook MentionsImage source: 

If you happen to be one of the lucky few with a verified Facebook page then head over to the main page to find out more or download the app here.

The decline of video snippets

Not long after the decline of Authorship, video snippets have seen a similar reduction in the SERPs. First discovered by Casey Henry of Wistia, he noticed a dramatic drop in the video snippets that were pulled into the SERPs – a trend that is reflected in Moz’s Google SERP Feature Graph:

Decline of Video SnippetsImage source:

This is, of course, a worry for webmasters who make use of video content and mark them up for placement in Google’s SERPs. Interestingly, this change seems to have put emphasis on certain video hosts that Henry refers to as the ‘exclusive club’, focusing on the likes of, and to name a few. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if this becomes a tiered system as with Authorship.

Henry has put together a useful guide that looks at how to cope without these video snippets and how to refresh a video strategy to retain visibility.

Google Analytics app now on iOS

The official Google Analytics app is now available for iOS. The app, much like the Android version, gives webmasters access to their data while on the move and, although a little difficult to use at first, looks to be very valuable.

Google Analytics for iOSImage sources:

The release of this app cuts out the need for those third party freemium analytics apps that have been circulating Apple’s app store for the past few years – and in turn has made a website’s data more secure, taking it out of the hands of a third party.

Pick up the iOS version for free here and the Android version here.

Google warn of Flash sites on mobile

Flash on Mobile is Dead
Image source: Gizmodo Brasil

It has been a long while now since Flash became mainly redundant as a result of the rise of mobile devices and the difficultly they have in running .swf files.  Monday 14 July saw Keita Oda and Pierre Far from Google announce that the SERPs on mobile will now warn when a site is running Flash, and as such has caused a huge CTR issue for those webmasters running this outmoded format. Although, as much as this may worry webmasters, this is great news for Google’s users who won’t be wasting their time and bandwidth trying to render inaccessible websites on their mobiles and tablets.

Flash Warning on Mobile SERPsImage source: 

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