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Fresh Egg's Digital Marketing News – 19th October to 2nd November 2015

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, find out about Google’s new algorithm, RankBrain, Facebook’s upcoming notifications feature and Twitter Moments, TV advert and its new Brand Voice analytics tool.

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Google rolls out the new RankBrain algorithm

Artificial Intelligence has been a strong focus for Google over the past few years, especially in language translation and video.  But now it looks like they’ve moved their AI focus to the core of their business, search using its RankBrain algorithm.

Rolled out near the beginning of 2015, Google has revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that a “very large fraction” of queries entered worldwide into the search engine are being processed by RankBrain its AI system. This algorithm has become the third-strongest signal already among the hundreds they already use to deliver the results (they did not say anything about which were first or second).

Bloomberg explained how the new AI-based algorithm works:

RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to embed vast amounts of written language into mathematical entities -- called vectors -- that the computer can understand. If RankBrain sees a word or phrase it isn’t familiar with, the machine can make a guess as to what words or phrases might have a similar meaning and filter the result accordingly, making it more effective at handling never-before-seen search queries.”

Google revealed that an example search term that RankBrain has helped process is “How many tablespoons in a cup?”. The AI delivered different results depending on the country it searched in due to each country using different measurements.

If you have any more questions on RankBrain, Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan has created an in-depth FAQ about the new algorithm over on Search Engine Land, it can be found here.

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Twitter Launches Advertising on Moments

Twitter has begun testing adverts on its newly launched Moments tool, which aims to distill the best tweets across Twitter connected to a particular moment in one place.

Brand new Promoted Moments are designed to look and feel like all other Moments but they’ll be “authored by a brand”, feature on the Moments guide for 24 hours, and have a ‘promoted’ badge attached to them.

Twitter is testing the ad format with selected brand partners in the US. The first to go live was to promote the film Creed.

Previously known as Project Lightning, Twitter Moments is the biggest change to Twitter since its inception in 2006.

Twitter is probably best known for its breaking news and commentary on current events, but Moments aims to  highlight the most important tweets within noisy timelines Described by Twitter as “the best of what's happening on Twitter in an instant”, Moments is a collection of tweets (including images, videos and Vines) curated by Twitter that cover news, sports entertainment and ‘fun’ (a collection of random events and news stories). Users will be able to reply, retweet and ‘favourite’ these individual tweets as they normally would in their timeline. Read more about how it works here or watch the advert below.


There is an additional feature for big events such as music awards or sporting finals where a user will be able to “follow” these moments and see the content in their personal timeline. These will automatically be removed once the event is over.

What does this mean for you and your business? Unless you are one of the few Twitter partners to be able to test out Promoted Moments this is unfortunately not as easy as adding a hashtag to your tweets or submitting the tweet to Twitter, but if you are directly involved in the news story or on the scene; your tweets will more likely be selected by Twitter’s team to go in the moment. There are a few Twitter partners including Mashable and The Washington Post, whose content is being added into these moments.

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New Twitter metric give brands insight into customer conversations

The newest feature for Twitter Analytics is Brand Hub, a way for brands and advertisers to understand what customers, prospects and influencers are saying about their brand.

According to Twitter Tweets that mention brands have been linked to a direct increase in sales, so checking out these analytics could have a real impact on your balance sheet.

Twitter has created a new metric called TrueVoice. In a blog post Twitter’s product manager Andrew Bragdon explained:

“We determine your brand’s TrueVoice by first analysing Tweets about your brand and those about your competitors. Then, we identify what percentage of these impressions your brand owns. As consumers see ads about your brand and your competitors on TV, display, and social channels, they send Tweets which are then counted in real time through TrueVoice.”

Brand Hub shows the demographics of the people talking about your brand and products in real time as well as highlighting key influencers, which will be useful to advertisers and marketers looking to expand their reach throughout Twitter. Impressions are a strong focus of the analytics feature, with information on sentiment, brand loyalty and purchase intent provided, giving a larger amount of data than a hashtag can provide. However, Brand Hub is currently limited to large advertisers in English speaking countries only.

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