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Fresh Egg's Digital Marketing News – 10 August to 24 August 2015

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, find out about big changes to Google Local within search results, Twitter results within Google, Facebook Notes redesign and the rebranding of LinkedIn SlideShare.

Google makes changes to the local listings within SERPs

Google has made a dramatic change to the way local results are displayed in its search engine results pages (SERPs) this week, with the 7 pack being changed to a new redesigned 3 pack result.

If you click on one of the options or "more dentist" button you will find yourself on the below page.

And on mobile:

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land:

“We are constantly exploring the best way to bring a better search experience to our users. This update provides people with more relevant information, including photos, reviews and prices, for searches that have multiple results for a given location.”

This is in comparison to the old results, which also contained a Google+ link. As well as this, any pictures of the local businesses are now taken from Google Maps rather than Google+, which is a further demonstration of the unbundling of Google+. Telephone numbers have also moved to the second page searchers are taken to by clicking on any results or the ’More dentist‘ button as shown above.

Google is further testing a new home service advert in San Francisco only, which enables users to review and send a request to professionals. These sponsored posts look very similar to the local packs but display a screen similar to the below image when opened:

Image source:

You can find more information in this Moz post.

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Twitter results displayed for Google desktop searches

Google is also running further tests to include Twitter results within the SERPs, beyond its original test of US and mobile only.

Image source:

You can read further information on this at Marketing Land.

UPDATE: This looks to have rolled out further in the UK, we are seeing Twitter results within Google's SERPs for Starbucks, Jess Glynne and LinkedIn.

Facebook redesigns Notes

To combat Medium and LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook has confirmed they are testing an updated design and format for its Notes, a long-forgotten part of the Facebook platform which enabled users to write blog-like content to post on their walls.

This will enable users to write long-form content with a header image, user tagging and images in a very similar format to Medium. This content will also be accessible without having a Facebook login.

You can see one of the public tests here and more information from Wired here.

Facebook is also updating how it deals with Events, separating public and private events. For example, public events will now have larger header information, present more information about the location and provide photos of the venue. However, wall posts will be less prominent, as typically they would be from a stranger. Facebook is also testing alternatives to ’joining‘ an event, such as ’remind me‘, so you can be updated on the event without necessarily committing to attending or not attending.

You can find more information on events here.

SlideShare rebrands to LinkedIn SlideShare

Only a short news story, but LinkedIn has rebranded SlideShare to ’LinkedIn SlideShare‘ as part of an ongoing effort to further enhance LinkedIn as a content platform. This will have no change to the functionality of either platform and you can still access SlideShare at You can find more information in the FAQ here.

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