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Fresh Egg's Digital Marketing News – 2nd November to 16th November 2015

In this fortnight’s digital marketing news, find out about Facebook’s new notification app, Yahoo’s search redesign, HTTPS certificates from Google and the most important stats from Facebook’s earning report.

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 Facebook releases notifications app Notify

Facebook wants to change the way we find breaking news, useful real-time information and interesting content by bringing them to our phones via push notifications in the same way you’d receive a text message. Facebook has recently updated personal notifications within the main Facebook app and now they are seeking to reach a greater amount of people from external sources using Notify.

Facebook has partnered with large publishers, websites and apps such as The BBC, Buzzfeed, VEVO and Fox Sports to send you customised news about specific companies, cities, sport teams and music genres. Although it does not provide the same content or in the same format, Notify competes with Twitter’s recently introduced ‘Moments’ and Apple’s News app in how it is delivering summarised real-time content to those who choose to opt-in.

Some interesting examples provided by Facebook include:

  • Weather – A daily weather forecast at the beginning of every day
  • Movie trailers – Brand new film trailers delivered to you the moment they are released
  • Sports – Select your favourite team, and get real-time score updates and after-match summaries

You can see the introduction video on Notify from Facebook here:

Notify’s director of media partnerships, Nick Grudin confirmed the fine line they have to tread regarding notification bloat. He said:

“We know notifications are a highly sensitive distribution channel, if you get them right, they’re really awesome. If you get them wrong, they’re really annoying.”

Facebook is giving detailed insights to businesses using Notify, allowing them to see how many users received, viewed, shared and unsubscribed from each notification. Unfortunately right now, only select businesses, apps and websites can be found in Notify.

Why is this important?

If your business is using an app, you need to consider how to factor notifications into your marketing strategies. Should you notify users when your products are on sale? Can you personalise their notifications using usage or account details?

Notifications have become the definitive way to gain attention on mobile, but there is a risk users could be completely overwhelmed with them, therefore publications and businesses need to consider the frequency of notifications they send, seeking not to overwhelm users.

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Yahoo redesigns its search interface on Firefox

With the web becoming less text and more visual, Yahoo has revealed a new search interface that brings images and videos to the fore. Although the new design is currently limited to the US within  Firefox, Yahoo has said that it will roll out these design changes to their results on other browsers and countries in due course.

Image source:

The new search interface now shows a carousel above the search results and rich snippet boxes within the results themselves. Alongside being reminiscent of Google’s own search interface, Yahoo is taking features from its mobile app and applying them to its desktop presentation. These include rich snippets such as:

  • Listening and buying music from iTunes
  • Reading movie reviews and buying cinema tickets from Fandango
  • Movie information from IMDB
  • User reviews and photos from Trip Advisor and Yelp

You can see more about this in Yahoo’s official announcement here.

Facebook now sees 1 billion people using its platform every day

Facebook’s latest quarterly earnings report revealed that over one billion people around the world are logging into and using Facebook every single day. That’s one in every seven people.

It was in August that Facebook recorded its first day that one million people logged-in and now, this has become a regular occurrence.

Other standout statistics from the report include:

  • 700 million people using Facebook Messenger each month
  • 8 billion video views per day (up from 4 billion in June)
  • Over 45 million small to medium businesses are using Facebook Pages (from 40 million in June)

With the drive to push business one-to-one customer communication into Facebook Messenger’s platform, the opportunity for those 45 million businesses to deliver amazing customer service on Facebook is going to be incredibly important in the next six months as the functionality rolls out to the UK. In addition to this, Facebook is testing disappearing messages in Messenger (to compete against upstarts such as Snapchat). Although the test is currently limited to France, Facebook has confirmed to Buzzfeed it will roll it out to further locations and languages in time.

Video views continues to grow at an outstanding rate on Facebook, doubling from four million in just seven months. With tests continuing on a dedicated video feed where users can find trending videos and videos shared by friends, and related videos appearing post-watch similar to YouTube’s offer, Facebook is focusing heavily on the medium and brands should be doing the same in order to reach the huge audience on the platform.

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Google is sending webmasters messages about incorrect HTTPS certificates

Google has been sending messages to webmasters when SSL/TLS certificates do not match their domain names within Search Console. If a website has a broken HTTPS certificate, many browsers including Chrome will not see your website as secure and will block users from visiting it.

Webmaster Trends Analyst, Zineb Ait confirmed on Twitter that some reasons that webmaster will receive this warnings are:

  • Expired certificate
  • Wrong date
  • Invalid certificate
  • Incorrect settings on your certificate

Google wants the best user experience on their search results and is becoming stricter when it comes to correct HTTPS implementation.

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