Friday Social Round Up: MySpace Returns, Twitter vs. Facebook, £1 Fish Man and Brighton Xmas Lights

MySpace returns

What goes around comes around again. At least Justin Timberlake must be hoping in the case of his social network MySpace, which relaunched this week in beta format.

The former world leader of social networks has seen members slump to less than 25 million despite being the first social network to go past 100million users as long ago as 2006. Originally set up in 2003, MySpace would eventually be bought by News Corporation for $580 million, but was then sold less than five years later for under $25 million.

Justin Timberlake, co-owner of the site, has been working hard since January on “brainstorming ideas” for the new look MySpace, which launched this week.

Compared to the old version, it’s impossible to find similarities other than the name. Rich in features and very much part of the recent movement favouring sideways scrolling content led by images, MySpace is hoping the reboot will pull in new members in while impressing the old guard, too.

So far, the Fresh Egg social media team are enjoying the new site, especially the very awesome feature that allows you to just type anything when on the site (without entering it into a box) and it automatically making a search for you.

As you’d expect, MySpace is still above all a music-based social network: those roots will be hard to remove (if indeed they even wanted to), so it’s not a surprise to see the built-in media player in the 'taskbar' of the site. The usual features everyone has come to expect from social networks include a profile page, friending, interests and your favourite artists.

What’s not clear yet, however, is whether this visually impressive reboot has the depth to win enough new fans in order to help MySpace gain serious consideration among its social media network peers. Even less clear is what benefits it can provide to businesses other than those directly connected to the music industry, which presumably will still see MySpace as an essential part of their digital marketing mix.

Invites are being sent out to those who register and old accounts work on the site (if you can remember your old login, that is!).

Twitter vs. Facebook: seconds out, round 10

This week, the spat between Twitter and Facebook reached new lows with removal of Instagram photographs from appearing in Twitter and the blue bird then fighting back by releasing its own photography filters built right in to its mobile application.

Both sides insist it's coincidence, with Facebook explaining that Instagram’s recently launched website is where people can still see photographs added to the application. Twitter’s own Twitter Cards, however, have seen support pulled by Instagram, meaning Facebook were obviously concerned about losing out on traffic to the newly launched web version of the popular application.

Oddly, this week also saw Pinterest add support for Twitter Cards, thus making the whole tussle over small form photographs all the more intriguing.

The £1 fish man returns

For less fight and more fish however, you’ll be pleased (or maybe not) to hear that the previously gone-viral, one time failed XFactor contestant, £1 fish man is about to become the next Psy and even has his own “Gangname Style” signature move (the movement of a fish unsurprisingly). With catchy backing beat, his trademark market stall catchphrase and a bevy of beautiful ladies to dance with, Muhammad Shahid Nazir might just be topping the charts this Christmas, especially as when shortened his name is MSN…

The video has already (at time of writing) gone through 2 million views in less than 24 hours.

Viral video

Being that Brighton is literally on our doorstep, this is the social round up and we are closing in on Christmas, this week's viral video is possibly the most relevant we have ever posted. Enjoy the 'problem' with Brighton's Christmas lights, courtesy of satirical website The Poke.

Infographic time

As we approach the end of the year and thoughts turn to Christmas, it’s also a time to think of those less fortunate. 2012 has been an incredible year for social giving, so this week our infographic of the week (courtesy of MDG) celebrates the contributions made by social media to charitable organisations and campaigns throughout 2012.

Next week, we’ll have our final Friday Social Round Up of 2012, a perfect opportunity to look back over the year as we discover which ten stories made our top social media moments of 2012.