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Friday Social Round Up: Big Brand Hacking, Purchase with a Hashtag, _LivesOn, Facebook Fake Girlfriends and PS4

Big brand hacking

On Monday, Burger King was subjected to a ridiculous and embarrassing hacking on Twitter. Its profile picture was changed to a McDonald’s logo and its bio declared “Just got sold to McDonald’s because the whopper flopped”.

However, during the 90 minute hack, Burger King followers jumped from 77,000 to 111,000. The fast food chain gained a huge 5,000 new followers in the first 30 minutes of the hack alone. Admittedly most of these new followers were making fun of them but have they stuck around? Well it’s now Thursday and @BurgerKing has 112,000 followers. Not only this, but its Klout score has increased from 86 to 90. Not a dramatic rise, but this is still no doubt a result of the hack positively influencing social signals.

Burger King appears to have lacked a sense of humour over the incident and has chosen to stay relatively quiet about the whole thing, however should it decide to employ a strong social and branding management team, it now has lots of new followers to share that with!

On Tuesday, Jeep was also subject to a very similar hacking, which hacker collective ‘Anonymous’ has taken the credit for. Jeep has also received excessive press coverage over the event.

As they say, no such thing as bad publicity.




Purchase with a Hashtag

American Express and Twitter have partnered to produce a hashtag to buy option, helping to grow the increasing social side of ecommerce, though it’s not quite as simple as it sounds. Firstly, you need a compatible American Express card, which you sync with your public Twitter account. Once this is all sorted you can buy featured products by tweeting specific special offer related hashtags. Amex then replies asking you to confirm your purchase; you then have 15 minutes to tweet your confirmation, your card will be charged and your item shipped. This provides automatic brand promotion of companies affiliated with this, however this is a limited selection of companies currently. If it catches on, it will bring Amex new customers, but additionally it will increase its status as a social-savvy brand, which will resonate with its existing social audience. Whether or not this does take off, it is an interesting advance for the future of ecommerce that may open further doors.


_LivesOn: tweeting from the grave

A controversial new app has been developed to be ‘Your social afterlife’, probably something you hadn’t even considered needing. You create a _LivesOn Twitter account and it claims to use an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyse your feed, learning about your likes, tastes and syntax. You also need to provide it with feedback to help it become “a better you” once you’ve died, just in case it would be weird that the dead ‘you’ didn’t sound like you…

Dave Bedwood, a creative partner of London-based agency, Lean Mean Fighting Machine, who developed the app said, “It divides people on a gut level, before you even get to the philosophical and ethical arguments”. But he has argued that people will see it as a legitimate way to live on.

You also have to nominate an executor to decide whether to keep the account alive. Therefore should they become bored/distressed by your odd tweets about the TV program you watched last night, at least they can get rid of it.

However the real question is, how does the app know when you’re dead?


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Facebook fake girlfriends

You know when you’re idly browsing your news feed on Facebook and one of the stories reads ‘so and so is NOW IN A RELATIONSHIP with so and so’, you always look to see who it is don’t you? It always gains a lot of attention.

If you weren’t in a relationship however, would you pay someone to be in a relationship with you on Facebook for a bit of online attention?

Well social network escorting is now something being offered. People (mainly men) are now paying to look good online. Whether this is to make someone jealous or just make you seem popular with the opposite sex, you can pay for a relationship status update, as well as a handful of status comments and ‘likes’ from your fake online partner.

This began with a site launched in Brazil last month, Namoro Fake, but has since expanded with many other sites now offering this service. So if you’re in the market for a fake online girlfriend, why not buy one?


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Launch of the PS4 and DualShock 4

PlayStation has launched the PS4 but without actually revealing what it looks like. Gamers are bound to have been looking forward to this release for some time, but this is also exciting from a social media point of view. The DualShock 4 controller comes with a ‘Share’ button, which Sony is pushing as one of the biggest features. This allows gamers to broadcast, capture and share clips of gameplay with their friends on Facebook as well as the PlayStation Network.


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Viral video

The whole internet seems to be continuing to Harlem Shake all over the place. Those who have got involved include sea lions and Man City, and the 35 second clips of the Harlem Shake track have taken artist, Baauer from a few sales and zero airplay to 260,000 downloads this week.

The most creative to date is this alluring underwater version:


Infographic time

Social media possesses serious power. It can be incredibly influential and the changes to the way search engines rank websites are only going to increase the power of social signals.