Friday Social Round Up: Bing It On, Twitter Surgery, Facebook App Store and Who’s Got Klout?

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 11 May 2012

Bing goes social

Here at Fresh Egg we have #BingFridays. We’ve been stressing for a while that Google isn’t the only search engine out there, but let’s be honest: Google is the most used and the most shiny. However, things could be changing with Bing’s nifty new Sidebar.

So what’s so special about it? If, for example, the user is signed into Facebook, the grey Sidebar will show the user information from the social network that is relevant to their search in Bing. The Sidebar also pulls in Facebook friends who might have an answer to the search query as well as showing ‘People Who Know’ about the subject from all over the web. There is also a ‘Share on Facebook’ box, which allows users to share search results directly from the search page.

Sidebar will eventually work with more social networks including Twitter, Google+, Quora and LinkedIn, and will be rolled out across the UK in the near future.

Live Tweeting, it’s not brain surgery….is it?

Okay, so live tweeting itself is not difficult, but live tweeting during brain surgery adds a certain degree of complication. On Wednesday morning, Dr Dong Kim and his team at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston, Texas, live tweeted during a procedure to remove a tumour from the brain of 21 year old women.

Although some might think that tweeting during brain surgery could be distracting, Dr Kim explained that the purpose of the Twittercast was to “educate the general public about brain tumours and take them into the [operating room] to see what happens during brain surgery.”

Others have argued that the Twittercast was a great educational tool for medical students. Usually students in the operating room have to stand at the back, where it is difficult to see the surgery properly. The Twittercast, which consisted of photos and YouTube clips, allowed students to get a better view of the surgery and tweet questions.

Facebook app store

After admitting initial fears that Facebook mobile could hinder the future of their advertising revenue, Facebook has launched an App Center, which they hope will become the “new, central place to find great apps like Draw Something”.

As with Apple’s App Store, developers would be able to charge a fee for apps sold in the store. Facebook’s Aaron Brady revealed in a blog post that the App Center will be rolled out globally in “the coming weeks”, as well as saying that “All developers should start preparing today to make sure their app is included for the launch.”

Mr Brady also stated that “The App Center is designed to grow mobile apps that use Facebook - whether they're on iOS, Android or the mobile web... From the mobile App Center, users can browse apps that are compatible with their device, and if a mobile app requires installation, they will be sent to download the app from the App Store or Google Play."

Have you got the Klout to enter?

Cathay Pacific Airways has announced that its first and business class lounge in San Francisco International Airport is now available to visitors using the Klout iPhone app who have a Klout score of 40 or higher, regardless of whom they are flying with! Previously, only first or business class Cathay Pacific ticket holders could use the lounge.


What jolly good weather one forecast!

While visiting the BBC Scotland television studio, Prince Charles thought that he would have a go at doing the weather.

Infographic Time

With recent algorithm updates at Google and the new Sidebar from Bing, it seems relevant to share this infographic about social media activity boosting organic search rankings.