Friday Social Round Up: Christmas Edition

Written by Intern - 23 Dec 2011

Roll on Christmas!

Were you one of the lucky kids to play an angel in the school nativity play? Well I wasn’t and it’s plagued me my whole life. But things are looking up: today I was Mary in my own Facebook Nativity! Roll on Christmas now allows you and your Facebook friends to star in your very own Nativity play.

Here is a picture from the Fresh Egg Nativity:

Christmas giving and the power of Facebook

Single mum of six Sam Woodburn was devastated when her and her family lost everything in a house fire just before Christmas. That was until old school friend Chris Harpin set up a page appealing for help. Within 24 hours, 500 people had agreed to give gifts to the family, a local doctor also donating the use of a house - rent free - until the council could find them a suitable home. The gifts donated include a cooker, washing machine and fridge with plumbing included.

Sam, 34, said: “I didn’t know what we were going to do. It was going to be a miserable Christmas. But everybody has been brilliant.” The family will be moving into the donated house on Christmas Eve.

Chris Harpin started the appeal after learning of the fire, and set up the page despite not having seen Sam for 18 years.


A Twitter campaign known as the 12 day ‘choose well’ tweeting initiative will begin on Christmas day with the tweet: “On the first day of #NHSXmas, I strained my back putting up the Christmas tree. What would be the most appropriate treatment for me?” The Twitter accounts will advise patients to go to a walk-in centre, urgent care centre or a minor injuries unit. The campaign was launched by NHS London and NHS South West London, but quickly went viral within the NHS and now has 40 participants. The project was designed to help avoid extra pressure being put on A&E and emergency services in the capital. All the advice can be tracked by using the #NHSXmas tag.

M&S Twitter turkey ‘how to’

This year Marks and Spencers have taken a different approach to Christmas marketing. They have paid for a promoted tweet which includes a video with tips about how to cook a Christmas Turkey!

Christmas infographic time

Here is an infographic showing facts about the UK and Christmas kindness.