Friday Social Round Up: #EqualMarriage, Social Media Sackings and #BeyoncéBowl

“Happy gay marriage”

On Tuesday 5 February, MPs voted in support of equal marriage, 40 years after Britain’s first gay rights march. This is a historic moment for Britain and a further move away from state-sanctioned prejudice. It was greeted with rare applause in the public gallery of the House of Commons, as well as more raucous celebration across social media platforms.

On 5 February, #equalmarriage was mentioned on Twitter a total of 16,727 times and continues to trend as David Cameron faces questions over the Tories’ vote split.

Dazed and Confused magazine took to Twitter to wish everyone a “Happy gay marriage”, which has been retweeted 32,665 times and favourited 23,210 times, as you can see below.


In addition to the above, the ever-popular Stephen Fry tweeted this:


Social media sackings

There have been a number of stories in the news recently about employees being sacked for their use of a social media platform.

John Lewis worker Andrew Rainnie was fired after disagreeing with director of partnership services Patrick Lewis on a blog post about the company on The Guardian’s website. He was told that his comment was against the social media clause in his contract.

Flight attendant Tatiana Kozlenko was sacked by Russian airline Aeroflot after the picture she posted allegedly showing her flipping the bird to passengers on a flight was found on Twitter by Aeroflot bosses.


Finally, Carly McKinney, a maths teacher from Colorado, was suspended after she put semi-nude photos of herself on Twitter, posted about having cannabis in her car at the school and allegedly referred to a student as “jailbait”.


A very social Super Bowl


The 2013 Super Bowl saw three times as much social activity than it did in 2012. Centred around Beyoncé’s half-time show, the 34 minute power outage and, of course, the football, Instagram reported that over 200 photos per second were posted of Beyoncé during her set.

However, it was the power outage that followed the half-time show that offered 34 minutes of real social media activity opportunity. While viewers were left watching a dark and not very super Superdome, many took to Twitter to discuss the reason for the blackout, with some brands quickly jumping on this advertising opportunity.

These included, Nike Football:


Jim Beam:


And the one that gained the most attention:


Viral video

We recently saw another bout of bad weather across the country, and while snow, ice and slush can be a nightmare for anyone who would like to travel somewhere, it is important that we also see the funny side.

YouTube user PCarver333 filmed a single spot of ice in Norwich, this resulting in an eight and half minute video of people falling over. Repeatedly. It shouldn’t be funny, but let’s face it: we’ve all been there. The fact they’ve chosen the Jackass – Party Boy music to run alongside it only adds to the humour.

Infographic time

New year, new job? Social media could be the key to getting hired. This infographic from looks at the benefits of using social media in your job search.