Friday Social Round Up: Facebook 20% Rule, the Hazard of Being a Ball Boy, LinkedIn Groups on Brand Profiles and Quora Blogs

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 25 Jan 2013

Facebook 20% rule

Completely over shadowed by the Graph Search announcement last week, Facebook also launched a 20% text rule. This refers to the new guidelines regarding brand cover photos and promoted posts.

This rule means that images used for cover photos, Sponsored Stories and Page Post ads or Promoted Posts are only allowed to be made up of 20% of text. To get an idea of what this means, website Socially Stacked created this useful template.


The Hazard of being a ball boy

Did he deserve it or not? That’s not for us to say, but everyone has had something to say about Chelsea’s Eden Hazard kicking the Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan.

Since the game on Wednesday night, Charlie’s Twitter account has amassed over 80,000 followers. However, judging from his pre-match tweets it is apparent that he had planned to cause some trouble at the match.

That’s not all the controversy, though! The official Chelsea Twitter account sent out following tweet almost immediately afterwards:


The club has since deleted the tweet and apologised. Eden Hazard has also apologised with the following statement:

"I think I kicked the ball and not the boy. I apologise."

LinkedIn groups on brand profiles

LinkedIn has now made it possible for brands to promote their LinkedIn groups on their company pages, this hopefully increasing membership numbers and group activity. Another great new update to the company page allows users to share images and files.


Quora blogs

Quora has announced the introduction of blogs as a new product. These blogs will allow writers to share their knowledge and thoughts on a specific subject. This could lead to a larger reach as each blog post will be placed into one of Quora’s 300,000 categories, which then will be fed into the news feeds of users following that particular category.

Additionally, in order to keep up with the increase in mobile usage, Quora will be releasing and app to allow users to blog from their iPhone.

Viral video

While Gangnam Style is old news, this seven month old baby who knows the dance is doing the rounds and has had nearly 1.2 million views in seven days.

Infographic time

Online, images are exploding. Whether we are adding filters to pictures of our lunch and sharing them on Instagram or repinning craft ideas, it is clear that we are more responsive to images and might even have a photo addiction! Here are some online photo facts.