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Friday Social Round Up: Facebook for Business, New Facebook Insights, Facebook Embedded Posts and a More Personalised Pinterest

This week has been another mammoth one for social updates, mainly from Facebook who – in case you didn’t already know – would like you to advertise with them…

Facebook for Business introduced

Facebook for Business brings together content from across the site into a rich information hub, aiming to simplify the advertising products offered and make marketing assistance more accessible.

Facebook says the platform will be:

…the central destination for the news, information and inspiration that marketers can use to drive business results with Facebook.”

Facebook for Business will provide more guidance on how to use ads for different business goals, a service to answer frequently asked questions via video, announcements on new products, and real business Success Stories.

The ‘Success Stories’ section includes numerous case studies that can be sorted by business size, industry, region and marketing objective. Those wondering if Facebook advertising is for them and those seeking inspiration should visit this area.

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New Facebook Insights launches

Related to the Facebook for Business rollout, a new version of Insights (Facebook’s user engagement analysis tool) was also launched this week, which should provide Page owners with more useful data and less confusion. The new version also puts further emphasis on the ‘Boost Post’ feature, to encourage additional advertising revenue.

So, what’s good about the new Facebook Insights??

    • New, improved clean interface

    • Clear overview of recent activity

    • Find out when your fans are online

    • Find out where your likes came from

    • Post by post metrics displayed more graphically

    • Filtering to get a more refined look into types of Engagement and Reach

    • A breakdown of the best post types presented more clearly

If you would like further help understanding the new Facebook Insights, visit Econsultancy’s detailed post about it, or contact the Fresh Egg social media team.

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Facebook announces embedded posts

On Wednesday 31 June Facebook announced its launch of embeddable posts. This facility will allow anyone to take public Facebook posts and embed them in other locations across the internet, in the same way as with a tweet or a Vine.

Buzzfeed’s blog about this update made an interesting point – Facebook is admitting that people do use other websites and it has never quite achieved that vice grip on your browsing experience.

Despite this, Facebook’s web presence may still grow as a result of this update, since brands and individuals alike are likely to share public posts across the web, so expect to see more little blue logos!

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A more personalised Pinterest

Pinterest has added yet more tools to personalise pins for users so they seem more of what they like and will allow users to edit their home feeds.

‘Follow Boards’ allow users to see suggestions of boards they might want to follow based on images they have already pinned, as well as what’s popular generally across Pinterest. So if you’re a Pinterest user that pins many images of cakes, expect to see more images of cakes!

Pinterest will also make pin and board recommendations based on other websites you’ve visited that comprise a Pinterest widget, such as a ‘Pin it’ button. It is possible to opt out of this personalisation if you wish (go to account settings and simply turn off ‘Personalisation’).

The question is, however, what will Pinterest do with this cookie data once they’ve gathered it? It looks like another step towards providing advertising opportunities on the platform.

For more information on the update, visit the Pinterest blog.

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Viral Video

The following video, ‘Asking Guys For Sex (Social Experiment)’ has had nearly four million views since it was uploaded to YouTube on Monday (29 July). It does what it says on the tin, and investigates how males react when directly asked to engage in ‘between-the-sheets’ intimacy.

Sister video ‘Asking Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)’ is also a hoot!

Social stat of the week

Do you publish posts discussing topical issues on Facebook? If not, you could be missing out on much engagement with your fans:

30% of 18-34 year olds get their news from Facebook in an average week.

[ Source: Lightspeed Research, November 2011]


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