Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Collections, LinkedIn Company Pages, App Updates for Google+ and RockMelt

Written by Intern - 12 Oct 2012

Facebook Collections

Facebook ‘Collections’ has launched on Facebook in an apparent bid to compete with Pinterest. The new feature allows users to click a ‘Want’ button as they click through products on a business photo album. A source from inside Facebook elaborated on the feature, explaining that:

“Collections can be discovered in News Feed […] People will be able to engage with these collections and share things they are interested in with their friends. People can click through and buy these items off of Facebook”

So far Facebook Collections is being trialled with seven retailers in the U.S., these include Victoria Secret, Pottery Barn and Neiman Markus. Currently the feature is free for retailers, but in the future Facebook may charge a referral fee.

LinkedIn Company pages rolled out

We reported a while ago that LinkedIn had new company pages; the new design has now been rolled out to most (if not all) companies now.

The new pages give companies the chance to express a bit more personality than the older company pages, particularly by allowing them to add a cover image (as seen in our own example).

The new pages allow companies to add video to their profiles. Perhaps more importantly, they also allow status updates to be sent to a targeted audience.



Pages feature added to Google+ app

Google have updated their Google+ app (available on both iOS and Android). One of the most useful updates to the App is that users can now manage pages from their mobile or tablet. While it is not as easy to use as on your computer, the addition is most certainly welcome, and hopefully the usability of this feature will improve in the next few updates.

The update has also ensured compatibility with iOS 6 and the iPhone 5’s larger screen. Other significant additions include a ‘find friends’ feature.


RockMelt launches iPad app

My favourite browser, RockMelt, has released an iPad app (too bad I don’t have an iPad!). The iPad app allows users to use and interact with their social channels via the browser. It also allows users to customise the RSS feeds they want to receive in their newsfeed.

Viral video

I will firstly say, despite the fact I am currently planning my own wedding (and that I therefore have my wedding brain on), it was in fact Paul Chaloner who told me I needed to watch this and feature it in this week’s Round Up. It was only uploaded on 30th September but already has over 500,000 views. If you are a soppy soul like me, be warned that you will need tissues (once all the One Direction is over).

Infographic Time

Pinterest has now overtaken Tumblr in terms of site traffic, so what a perfect time to look at this great Pinterest infographic:

Pinterest Purchasing Power