Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Dropbox Integration, #ProjectPink and StumbleUpon Beta

Written by Nazilla Allahiary - 28 Sep 2012

Facebook integrates Dropbox into groups

Facebook has added a new Dropbox feature to some of its groups. A Facebook representative said of the update:

“When the owner of the file makes updates, those updates will also be shared back to the group. And, just like other posts to Facebook Groups, people can like or comment on the content.”

Any edits made to the document after it has been posted will be shared directly with the group.

The new feature will enable users to share content on the group’s wall, which can then be viewed on the web, phones or tablets.


We just love it when social media makes a difference in the world. Sports brand Puma are helping to raise money for breast cancer with a campaign called Project Pink. They have arranged a whole load of great events such as celebrity football games, a dedicated clothes line and a sponsored walk.

What is most impressive, and a great way for everyone to get involved, is that they are donating $1 every time a fan tweets the hashtag #ProjectPink. Puma will count one use of the hashtag from a single user each day. #ProjectPink has already trended several times.

StumbleUpon Beta

StumbleUpon have launched a new beta design. The new design resembles Pinterest just a little (okay, a lot). Stumbles can be organised into colour-coded lists in the same way Pinterest creates category boards. The new beta system allows users to Stumble pages that their friends have recently liked, commented on or shared via Facebook and Twitter.

Another addition is the Stumble DNA feature, which uses the colour of each of your lists to create a colour key, demonstrating the ratio of different topics in your likes.

Viral video

This is a fantastic video featuring a psychic, but how much information could he know about you?

Infographic time

This week we are looking at some big social media blunders.