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Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Hashtags, Digg Removed from Google, Facebook Lookalike Audiences, @BBCWeather Hack and #Twitter7

Is Facebook joining the hashtag crew?

The latest news from Facebook HQ is that it is considering trialling the use of hashtags. This is rumoured to tie in with the launch of revised news feeds. If implemented, the hashtags would work alongside the new graph search feature, to make topics and conversations easier to find.

Introducing the ubiquitous hashtag to Facebook would transform the way users engage on the platform; assuming any hashtag would be openly viewable by any of Facebook’s 1 billion users. It will also transform how users can be targeted by brands on the platform, but it is not yet apparent how this will actually work either.

Companies using social to monitor brand mentions have previously only been able to track mentions via their Facebook page or if a user has tagged their name. If hashtags are introduced this will provide far more data and encourage conversations to happen in real time.

Facebook have yet to officially confirm this move but it would support its recent acquisition of hashtag-happy Instagram.

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Digg inadvertently banned from Google

On Thursday 20 March, Digg disappeared from Google search results and there was speculation as to why this occurred. Some assumed it was an SEO penalty for links, while others mused it was a malicious attack due to Digg announcing it will build a replacement for the much loved Google Reader, due to shut down in July.

However, any drama that was brewing between the two companies was quickly settled since Google have since admitted they removed Digg by mistake.

Google clarified:

"We're sorry about the inconvenience this morning to people trying to search for Digg,"

 "In the process of removing a spammy link on, we inadvertently applied the webspam action to the whole site. We're correcting this, and the fix should be deployed shortly."

This was quickly rectified and sure enough Digg returned to the SERPs. Big oops, Google!

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Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences

The ever busy bee Facebook has made another announcement this week, declaring on Wednesday 19 March they will soon be rolling out ‘lookalike audiences’. This is a new targeting feature that helps advertisers reach more potential customers.

Advertisers will be able to target people that share similar characteristics with their current customers. ‘Lookalike audiences’ builds on the Custom Audiences feature that was launched last year and has already been successful offline, and on other online platforms.

Zuckerberg told analysts he was excited about the work being done around Custom Audiences in January and claimed “There’s a big opportunity in front of us to make every ad that we’re showing a lot better”.

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BBC Weather Twitter account hacked

The BBC Weather twitter account and several other BBC accounts were hacked yesterday by a group calling itself Syrian Electronic Army. A series of tweets about fake weather conditions in the Middle East were posted. The BBC now has control of all accounts again, has deleted the material and apologised to its audiences.

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Yesterday was Twitter’s birthday, marking seven years since co-founder @jack (Jack Dorsey) tweeted for the first time.

It’s amazing to think how much Twitter has infiltrated the world of news and so many other sectors in its short lifespan.

Twitter celebrated with a birthday blog post and a short video. Twitter also has shared on this post some well-known personalities’ thoughts on what Twitter means to them, some of which are pretty poignant.


Viral video

This week’s viral video is ‘We didn’t own an iPad’ from hunkygraham1. It’s a nostalgic masterpiece that nearly one and half million people have watched so far – anyone who grew up in the UK during the 1970s or 80s will be very likely enjoy this. It is introduced with the text:

“As a boy who was raised in the 1970’s and 80’s I have decided to rewrite this Billy Joel track, listing just some of the things that I can remember from my childhood. Enjoy the memories!!”

Infographic time

With the announcement this week from Facebook about Lookalike Audiences, in addition to the rumour Facebook hashtags are on their way, we thought we would take a further look at Facebook Graph Search. How can it benefit social media marketers, and small and local businesses?

Can Facebook Graph Make You Money?