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Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Insights Update, Video on Instagram, and New Myspace Now Available to All

What have we got for you this week? Well, we’ve got an overview of the Facebook Insights makeover and how it might benefit you. As well as that, we delve into brand new Instagram video and then take it ‘old skool’ to have a look at what Myspace is up to.

Facebook Insights update

On Wednesday 19 June, Facebook announced it is rolling out a new, simpler Insights. Huzzah!

Facebook says it has taken into account Page owner feedback to produce the updated ‘clear and simple’ Insights. The ‘people talking about this’ metric has been split out. This means that the following metrica can now be measured individually:

    • Page likes

    • People engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts)

    • Page tags and mentions

    • Page checkins

    • Other interactions on a Page

Along with this, ‘virality’ is being renamed to ‘engagement rate’ to help Page owners understand this as a clearer benchmark for Page post quality. You will also be able to see a demographic breakdown in engagement metrics.

These changes should go a long way to helping Page owners understand the metrics. However, the really interesting update is the ‘post-specific score card’ that will be an aggregated selection of positive and negative metrics per post (see below for example). Facebook says:

This will help Page admins better identify content people interact with, produce more of it, and enjoy increased reach and impact on Facebook.

Facebook-Insights-UpdateImage source:

Video on Instagram

We all knew it was coming, but Thursday 20 June saw the official announcement of the release of video on Instagram from Facebook and co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom.

In what can only be described as an attacking move against the recent surge in popularity of Vine, Instagram’s video offering is very similar to its rival.

So what are the features?

    • Record up to 15 seconds of video

    • 13 new filters specifically for video

    • Select your favourite scene as the cover image

    • For iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, there’s a built in Cinema feature that lets you stabilise your video after you’ve taken it

    • It’s available to download on iOS and Android now

What does this mean for Vine? Well, the Twitter-owned video app has already played its own attacking move by releasing a teaser Vine of tweaks and updates to the service, possibly allowing users to compose multiple Vines at once.

See the video of the press conference at which video on Instagram was announced below. You can also see a fab example of an Instagram video in action from Verve Coffee.

Co-founder Kevin Systrom Introduces Video on Instagram—June 20th, 2013 from Instagram on Vimeo.

New Myspace now available to all

The new Myspace emerged from beta last week as a social music sharing site and in case you were inclined not to care, it has invested in a $20 million ad campaign.

The site was initially launched in beta in January 2013 as an invite-only affair, with a strong emphasis on music and musicians and other creative types. But now the new site is available to all with an iOS app and a social radio, promising your own personal radio channel, as well as a number of radio channels curated by famous music artists, including co-owner, Justin Timberlake.

Once you’ve actually remembered your login details and got onto the platform, the revamp does actually look quite exciting but will it benefit your business? If you are in a creative industry and your target audience is between 13-20 years old it might be an option to consider. At this stage, Myspace isn’t ad friendly, however big brands have explored partnerships with the platform. An example of this being Bud Light.

Budlight-myspaceImage source:

Viral video

Sometimes comedy can be as simple as a Brit making fun of our American counterparts. Well, that’s exactly what Russell Brand did when he mocked the news anchors of MSNBC.

Infographic time

Is social media a free marketing tool? No; the reality is that organisations need to invest a great deal of time and labour into it. This infographic from Intersection Consulting Ltd. looks at an example of the amount of time and investment needed to develop an effective social media workflow.


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