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Friday Social Round Up: Facebook Mobile Business Pages, r/FindBostonBombers, #SyrianElectronicArmy and @Cineworld

This week sees another major update from Facebook, as well as another Syrian Electronic Army hack. We also look at the impact of crowdsourcing an investigation on Reddit and there's a Twitter brand vs. customer barney for you to enjoy.

Facebook’s new mobile business pages

On Tuesday 23 April, Facebook launched a redesign of their business and fan pages on mobile that pushes actionable information to the top of the page.

The pages will now be better optimised for mobile, with the store’s location, hours, photos, reviews and friend recommendations (if applicable) all featuring near the top of the page. As such, this information will be more relevant to a mobile user and encourage interaction. The whole look of the page is much cleaner and simpler to navigate as well.

Page call to actions such as ‘Like’, ‘Call’, ‘Message’ and ‘Share’ will appear prominently at the top of the page along the options bar. Page admins can also now pin to highlight important posts, like an offer or video they want to remain prominent for people viewing on mobile. Business page owners, meanwhile, should encourage their customers to check in, give ratings and write recommendations for the business to help optimise the page.

This new layout is now applicable to all mobile pages globally. To find out more about key features and ways you can optimise your page, see Facebook’s PDF.

facebook mobile pages

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FindBostonBombers subreddit

Shortly after the bombings of the Boston Marathon on Monday 15 April, users of the popular social bookmarking site Reddit set up a subreddit to crowdsource the investigation and find out who was responsible.

Photographs, videos and suspicions were shared and discussed, the group quickly turning into a dangerous arena for public accusation and racial profiling. Worst of all was the focus of speculation on a missing student Sunil Tripathi, who was misidentified as a suspect. One of the moderators of FindBostonBombers later apologised for the accusation.

On Monday, Reddit’s general manager Erik Martin also issued an apology, claiming that in the future we should “do everything we can to help and not hinder crisis situations.”

But should Reddit be tasked with taking some of the responsibility? Reddit prohibits users from posting personal information and engaging in witch hunts, so should it really be responsible for users who break the rules and should its public image have to suffer as a result?

Law enforcement evidence technicians continue to investigate the scene of the Boston Marathon bombings in Boston

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Syrian Electronic Army strike again

On Tuesday 23 April, a tweet from the Associated Press Twitter account @AP claimed that there had been two explosions at the White House and Barack Obama was injured.

Shortly after, a tweet was sent out from @AP said “Syrian Electronic Army Was Here”. However this was not before the US stock market plummeted briefly.

The Associated Press has suspended all of its Twitter accounts for the time being. After this recent malevolent attack from the Syrian Electronic Army, will Twitter be adding further security measures such as a two-step verification process?

AP hack

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@Cineworld vs. @AlanBishop85

On Tuesday 23 April, the official Cineworld Twitter account received a tweet from a disgruntled customer asking for justification for their charging £8.30 to see a standard 2D film.

Cineworld could have replied with a generic, polite reply, but they didn’t. Grab some popcorn and have a read:

What do you think of Cineworld’s method of handling this? Let us know in the comments.

Viral video

It seems there is no one who doesn’t like a dancing baby. With over 32 million views in the last week, Evian’s baby&me, the follow up to their popular 2009 advert Roller Babies, has also had more than half a million social shares.

Infographic time

Last month, Pinterest rolled out a number of changes to the platform, but do you know what they are? Some of them seem to have gone unnoticed but they may directly affect you, so here is synopiss of its changes from PinAlerts and Avalaunch Media.